Mr Edward Howell | University of Oxford

Mr Edward Howell

Economic and Social Research Council Scholar, Tutor, and PhD candidate in International Relations


Edward is a researcher in International Relations at the University of Oxford, where his area of expertise is focused on the Korean Peninsula.  He is the only researcher across the University conducting ongoing research on contemporary North Korea and its international relations. Edward specializes in North Korea’s domestic and foreign policy, particularly its nuclear programme, and the relationships between North Korea, the US, and the wider international community. His research has included the impact of the North Korean nuclear programme on domestic ideology, and how this influences regime survival. Edward’s current research examines the evolution of North Korea’s nuclear program over time, and North Korea’s quest for international status regarding its changing relations with the international community. In addition to his academic research, Edward is an experienced analyst in these fields, and has provided frequent commentary and analysis on North Korea, for national and international newspapers and news channels. Edward is always willing to provide comments for media outlets, especially given the global spotlight on North Korea at the current time.


  • North Korea’s nuclear programme
  • North Korean politics
  • Relations between North Korea and the USA
  • Inter-Korean relations
  • International Relations of Northeast Asia
  • Nuclear weapons in international politics

Media experience

I frequently appear as a commentator on issues regarding North Korea’s nuclear program, domestic and foreign policy, and the relations between North Korea and the US. Edward have I provide analysis on North Korea’s domestic and foreign policies to national and international news channels, and also contribute regular op-eds to national and international newspapers. I also provide policy analysis on inter-Korean relations, as well as South and North Korean politics.


English, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, French