Dr Stefanie Barz | University of Oxford

Dr Stefanie Barz

Marie Skłodowska Curie Fellow, Department of Physics; Millard and Lee Alexander Fellow, Christ Church


Dr Barz’s research focuses on quantum cloud computing.

As an increasing amount of commercial, public and private data is processed at remote servers, preserving the privacy of that data becomes increasingly important. It is conceivable that quantum-computing capabilities may for some time be limited to a few specialised facilities around the world. Similar to classical cloud computing, central remote quantum servers might be used to store and process data, and clients will outsource their quantum computations to these servers. In both the classical and quantum setting, data security is a key issue for distributed computing. 

Dr Barz and her colleagues have shown experimentally that quantum computers not only offer speed-ups in data processing, but also allow one to preserve the privacy of a computation, thus solving a key challenge of distributed computation. They have demonstrated for the first time how a nearly-classical client can access the resources of a more computationally-powerful quantum server without divulging the content of the requested computation. This work thus addresses one of the most important challenges of our society - how to make distributed computing secure. 


  • Quantum physics
  • Quantum information
  • Quantum computing
  • Quantum cryptography

Media experience

Dr Barz has worked with a range of national and international media outlets in the USA, Germany, Austria, the UK, and the Netherlands and her work has been covered by the BBC, New Scientist, MSNBC, Le Monde, Die Presse, ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk), and others.


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