Dr Rafael Wlodarski | University of Oxford

Dr Rafael Wlodarski

Postdoctoral researcher, Department of Experimental Psychology


Dr Wlodarski's research interests revolve around evolutionary approaches to the study of human behaviour and lie somewhere at the intersection of social and evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, cognition and genetics. In particular, he is interested in applying evolutionary theory to understanding cross-cultural variation, human courtship customs and mating strategies, gender differences, and the creation and maintenance of mating pair-bonds.


  • The evolution of human mating
  • The neuroscience of romantic love
  • The evolutionary functions of romantic kissing
  • Relationship formation, maintenance and satisfaction
  • Attractiveness and mate choice
  • Gender/sex differences
  • Human mating strategies and courtship

Media experience

Dr Wlodarski has experience in working with the media, including TV, radio and newspaper interviews.