Dr Alexandra Zimmermann | University of Oxford

Dr Alexandra Zimmermann

Senior Research Fellow, Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU)


Dr Zimmermann specialises in human-wildlife conflict and socio-cultural aspects of wildlife conservation and development. She is director of Conservation Science at Chester Zoo and is an expert on the role of zoos in conservation.

She also researches cases in which humans and endangered species come into conflict, for instance jaguars preying on cattle, or crocodiles attacking people. She studies the underlying social, cultural and political drivers of conflict, and develops strategies for mediation. She founded and now chairs a global expert group on this topic, the IUCN SSC Task Force on Human-Wildlife Conflict.


  • Conservation
  • Biodiversity
  • Conflict between humans and wildlife
  • Zoos

Media experience

Dr Zimmermann has experience of radio and TV interviews.


English, German