Amy Orben | University of Oxford

Amy Orben

College Lecturer in Psychology and DPhil Candidate


Amy is a psychological researcher at the University of Oxford, investigating the effects of social media and other technologies on well-being and human sociality. In a yet sparsely researched area, she uses data-driven and experimental methodologies to investigate the changes caused by technological innovations, questioning popular assumptions and outdated statistical techniques. Alongside her research, she regularly appears on both national and international media channels, commenting on how social media and technology are affecting our social lives.


  • Psychology of social media
  • Psychology of Facebook
  • Technology and well-being
  • Online friendships
  • Social media
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Use of technology
  • Open science
  • Improving scientific practices
  • Statistics in psychological science

Media experience

Amy has extensive experience of working with the media, including working with national and international radio and TV stations.


English, German