Welcome to Oxford

The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and a leader in teaching and research. It is a collegiate University, consisting of the central University and colleges. The central University consists of academic departments and research centres, administrative departments, libraries and museums. The 38 colleges are self-governing and financially independent institutions, which are related to the central University in a federal system. There are also six Permanent Private Halls, which were founded by different Christian denominations and which still retain their Christian character.

This site provides a general introduction to the collegiate University and aims to cover some questions you may have when you first arrive. It is intended to supplement the detailed information contained in the University Staff Handbook and the online induction for new staff, as well as the training you will receive as part of your local induction. Each section of this site provides an introduction to a number of different areas, with further information available as weblinks at the end of each section.

» Before you start

Useful information to know before you start work at the University.

» When you start

Information for when you begin your working life at Oxford.

» Working at the University

Information about employment, staff representation, welfare and training.

» Structure of the University

Information about the component parts of the collegiate University.



» University year and events

The structure and events of the academic year.

» Sources of information

Online and print resources to keep you informed.

» Living in Oxford

What’s on and what to do at the University and in the city.