22 june 2010

Ruskin Degree Show 2010


Final year drawing and fine art students from the University of Oxford have turned a neglected building into an art gallery, in which they are opening up their degree submissions to the public this week.

21 students from the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art are holding their annual Degree Show to display their final studio works in the SERS building in Osney Mead from 19 to 23 June, from 12pm to 5pm. The exhibition continues the transformation of the old sports complex into a space to show work, and much of the art on display has been designed to make effective use of its unusual surroundings.

Final year student Claire Poulter has installed a projection showing footage taken from a ski lift, which hangs over the main gallery space and can be seen from different vantage points in the building. Visitors to the exhibition can also enjoy a full programme of live performances, film, canvas and sculpture works, as well as lectures tours and discussions.

Lauren Keeley, a final year student whose contributions to the exhibition include paintings and studio lights, said: ‘The final year Ruskin students have worked really hard over the past few months to re-design and build the Osney space, and put on an exhibition of which we are all really proud.

Art by Claire Poulter, a film projected over the gallery
Art by Claire Poulter, a film projected over the gallery

‘Now that the University examiners have finished looking at and marking our submissions, we are delighted to be able to give the public a chance to cast their critical glare over our work too. Having put everything that we have learned in our three years at Oxford University into practice, it is great to be able to put the finished product on display for people to view and, hopefully, buy!’

Third year tutor Abigail Reynolds said: ‘This is a really professional show of young talents displayed to full effect in and around the cavernous SERS building in Osney. The SERS building gives the students a chance to curate the space they want to show in and this year the students have worked to create an exceptional group exhibition.

‘Ruskin students are extremely individuated in their concept of what art is and how they want to contribute to the ongoing discussion that is contemporary art. There is a huge variety of work completed for the show taking many different forms and attitudes, none alike.’