11 december 2007

Anthony Lilley appointed Visiting Professor of Broadcast Media

Antony Lilley
Anthony Lilley will deliver the first user-generated lecture using feedback from his blog

Anthony Lilley, Chief Executive and Chief Creative Officer of Magic Lantern Productions has been named as Oxford University’s News International Visiting Professor of Broadcast Media. The Visiting Professorship is associated with the English Faculty and Green College.

Anthony Lilley will hold the Chair for the academic year 2007-08.

Professor Lilley’s lectures series will be entitled Twenty questions for the future of media and will look forward to the year 2020 and consider the challenges facing the traditional media as digital networks overturn the status quo.

Professor Lilley will deliver the traditional series of four lectures but will structure them around a participative blog entitled “The 2020 Twenty: 20 Questions for the Networked Age.” On the blog, he will suggest some of the questions which he considers to be central to the future of media in the networked age and, at the same time, solicit suggestions, contributions and debate amongst a wider community. The blog will open for business in December 2007.

Anthony Lilley said: ‘This will be the first set of interactive lectures as part of the News International Visiting Professorship, they will not just stimulate discussion but reflect the debate as it happens. I am keen for as wide a range of people to contribute. We have entered into an interactive media age – the form of the lectures needs to reflect the content.’

In his first lecture, entitled Who controls the stories? Anthony will look at the changes taking place in media products and services with the rise of interactivity and the development of social media. He will take examples from the online world, from games and from popular art and will also look at the rise of so-called user-generated content and the power of the people-formerly-known-as-the-audience. He will examine the idea and importance of media literacy and the changing balance between the role of media professionals and the rest of society.

In the second lecture, The search for value: networks, ideas and evolution in media Anthony will focus on how electronic media networks affect how ideas are created and spread, why some ideas work and are passed on – and how that notion of success is changing - and the factors which affect where value – and therefore profits - are to be found in today's landscape. He will use case study examples from his work with major international media brands to highlight this.

In the third lecture, entitled Network media as a public space, Anthony looks at the public potential and risks in networked media and in particular its role in the development of a thriving culture from social action, news and politics to art, culture and education. The lecture will also examine how participative media contributes to public service in the context of public service broadcasting in the UK. Regulation and the protection of vulnerable groups will also be addressed.

Finally, to close the series, Professor Lilley will use the activity which has been taking place on the 2020 Twenty blog as the centrepiece of his final lecture, The 2020 twenty questions: a user-generated lecture. He will address specifically the key questions and contributions to the debate as seen by the blog participants, in the context of his own views The structure – and much of the content - of the lecture will be entirely drawn from the user-generated content of the blog – making this the first-ever UGC lecture by a News International Visiting Professor of Broadcast Media and, hopefully, the first step in an ongoing dialogue.

Anthony Lilley is Chief Executive and Chief Creative Officer of the BAFTA and Peabody award-winning interactive media company Magic Lantern Productions which specialises in making engaging interactive media. The company has worked with leading organisations including the BBC; Channel Four; Guardian Media Group, the UK government; Google, Tiscali and many others. 

Anthony Lilley's blog will be published online shortly. In the meantime comments about the lectures can be made below. 

The lectures will be given on Tuesdays 15, 22 and 29 January and 5 February 2008.

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