15 november 2007

Dr John Hood confirms his plans for completing his five-year term as Vice-Chancellor


Dr John Hood has confirmed his plans for completing his five-year term as Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford in September 2009.

Dr Hood has written to the Chancellor of the University, Lord Patten of Barnes, to confirm that he does not wish to extend his tenure beyond that date. Recent University regulations allow for an extension of up to two years in certain circumstances.

Dr Hood said: “I continue to believe that five years is the right period. That was the commitment I made on my appointment as Vice-Chancellor and it remains my view today. That will be the appropriate time for me to hand on the immense privilege of leading this great University.”

Lord Patten chairs the committee responsible for nominating a Vice-Chancellor. University regulations require the committee to recommend a name for approval by the University at least twelve months before the expiry of an existing five-year term. The complexity of the process means that, in effect, a name has to be forthcoming next Trinity term, which begins in April.

Explaining the timing of his announcement, Dr Hood said: “I wanted to make my position clear now for two reasons: so that the Chancellor and his colleagues have plenty of time to think and plan for an eventual successor in what is inevitably a lengthy process; and so that I can concentrate fully on the many projects we have in train to secure Oxford’s place as one of the greatest Universities in the world. Oxford is making huge progress on so many fronts and I look forward immensely to helping it to make further substantial advances over the next two years.”

Lord Patten said: “John Hood is doing a remarkable job as Vice-Chancellor. Under his leadership the University’s global reputation, academic standing, financial strength, and internal organisation are all continuing to advance. Two of the hallmarks of his tenure are the clarity of his vision and the strength of his commitment. Both are powerfully present in this decision, which allows the University both to plan for the future and to continue to benefit from John’s outstanding leadership for the next two years without unnecessary distraction.”