Oxford to accept Engineering applications from Advanced Diploma students

20 November 2008 

Students studying the diploma will need to include Physics A-level and the Level 3 Certificate in Mathematics for Engineering as part of their additional specialist learning (ASL) and demonstrate the same level of academic aptitude and potential as other candidates.

This means the Advanced Diploma in Engineering has been added to the wide range of qualifications already accepted by the University, including A-levels, International Baccalaureate, Scottish Advanced Highers, and various international qualifications which are the equivalent of A-levels.
Mike Nicholson, Head of Undergraduate Admissions at Oxford University, said: ‘We already welcome Engineering candidates with a wide range of qualifications and see the value in considering those studying the Advanced Diploma in this subject. We have always looked at more than just qualifications - academic ability and potential is assessed through a range of measures; at least two interviews, aptitude tests in many subjects, written work in some subjects, references, and attained and predicted grades.
‘We recognise there have always been some students who from an early age have identified they want to work in engineering and this provides a route for those who opt to study the Advanced Diploma in Engineering to apply to study Engineering at Oxford. We are keen to encourage appropriately qualified applicants to apply regardless of their school or college background.’
For further information please contact the University of Oxford Press Office on 01865 280531 or press.office@admin.ox.ac.uk

Notes for Editors

  • The first eligible Diploma students could look to apply in 2009 to start courses in 2010 and we anticipate the number of applicants will be very small.
  • The full statement on the Advanced Diploma in Engineering (Level 3) from the Department of Engineering Science, Oxford University is:
  • ‘The department will accept the Advanced Diploma in Engineering (Level 3) for entry, provided candidates also obtain both an A-level in Physics and the new Level 3 Certificate in Mathematics for Engineering. These qualifications can be presented as the additional specialist learning component of the diploma. Offers will be formulated itemising performance in A-level Physics, the Level 3 certificate in Mathematics for Engineering, the Extended Project and the Principal Learning of the diploma on an equivalent basis with existing level 3 qualifications.‘The Engineering diploma is a new qualification which differs significantly from other qualifications we accept. The proportion of examined content is lower and there is great freedom in the exact nature of the topics that can be studied in the Extended Project and the Principal Learning units. This will lead to a wide variation in exactly what the qualification covers. Candidates should bear in mind that topics and projects that include a strong component of analysis and the application of mathematics to engineering problems will provide a better preparation for our course than the routine application of design rules and the demonstration of high technical manufacturing skill on their own.’