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How to contribute to Oxford on iTunes U and speaker contribution form

This is the single location to download the current version of the speaker contribution and permission form for audio and video recordings for use on University websites, iTunes U and You Tube.

The form may occasionally be updated so please download it from here before each project instead of saving it locally and reusing it. The short URL for this page is:

Download the speaker contribution form - this form was updated in Oct 2012


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If you are a member of the University and wish to find out more about producing audio and video for the web please see our audio and video advice.

For the most part, if you would like to contribute podcasts to our site on iTunes U you will be required to produce your own material. The vast majority of material on the site is audio rather than video, and is very easy to produce. The Oxford University Computing Service offers a regular introductory session about podcasting and further advice on their website including case studies.

Assistance with making video is available from our Media Production Unit for a charge. Free assistance with producing podcasts is available from Oxford University Computing Services in exceptional circumstances and subject to availability. All requests for assistance should be submitted via our online request form.

Any podcast published on the University's site on iTunes U has to be vetted to make sure it adheres to our legal obligations, including copyright. You will also need to complete the podcast contribution form below.

To submit a podcast for publication on our site on iTunes U please contact Please note that audio material needs to be in an mp3 format and video in an mp4 format (h.264 encoding).