International Alliances

Oxford participates in several valuable alliances with other universities. These groups undertake joint educational and research initiatives, create international opportunities for students, allow us to work with peer institutions on topics of mutual interest such as research funding, and facilitate good practice sharing between university leaders.


IARU is an alliance of 10 of the world's leading research universities: ANU, ETH Zurich, National University of Singapore, Peking University, University of California - Berkeley, University of Cambridge, University of Copenhagen, University of Oxford, University of Tokyo and Yale University. It is a strategic drawing together of universities that share a similar vision and have a commitment to educating future leaders.

IARU colleagues work together on issues of mutual interest such as campus sustainability and organise student experiences. The flagship programme is the IARU Global Summer Programme (GSP), offering a learning experience for students at the 10 member universities via intensive, residential summer courses.


The Europaeum is an association of 10 leading European university institutions, designed to serve as an 'international university without walls', in which future scholars and leaders of our new Europe have an opportunity to share common learning and confront common concerns together. Europaeum programmes include research projects, annual conferences and student summer schools, lectures, joint teaching programmes, public debates, staff mobility schemes, linked scholarship schemes, and a developing knowledge platform.


The League of European Research Universities (LERU) is an association of 21 leading research-intensive universities that share the values of high-quality teaching within an environment of internationally competitive research.  Recent initiatives have focused on the role of universities, research careers, doctoral studies, research-based teaching, research assessment and on EU research policy, general as well as sectoral (environment, energy, climate, food, nano, mobility).

Oxford-Princeton alliance

Building on longstanding connections between academics, Oxford and Princeton entered into an agreement in 2001 to further strengthen ties. There are three main components to the relationship: research collaboration, student exchange, and a joint postdoctoral programme in global political economy.

Research collaboration: the two universities provide seed funding for joint research projects between their academics.

Student exchange: each year 10-15 students of biochemistry, history, and engineering spend a half or full year studying at the other university.

Global Leaders Fellowship Programme: Six young scholars in world politics and political economy from developing countries are appointed each year, and spend one year at Oxford and one year at Princeton.

Oxford-Princeton links: