Conduct of Oral Examinations for MLitt, MSc by Research, and DPhil Degrees

Extracts from the Regulations of the Education Committee

Notice of the examination shall be given in one of the following ways:

1. It may be published in the Gazette* not later than the day before it is due to take place;

2. Not later than two days before the examination the examiners may

(a) inform the Research Degrees Team** and post a notice in the Examination Schools. (This may conveniently be done by sending a single copy of the notice to the Research Degrees Team at the Examination Schools, where they are located.)

(b) if the examination is to be held at a place other than the Examination Schools, post a notice at the place of the examination.

The notice‡ shall state the name of the candidate, [his or her college,] the subject of the thesis, the place, day, and hour of the examination, and the names of the examiners.


* Notices should be sent to the editor at or University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD, by 12 noon on Wednesday of the week before publication. A minimum of eight days must be allowed between receipt of the details by the Gazette and the date of the viva. For example if the viva takes place on Friday, 10 October, the last opportunity for it to appear in the Gazette would be in the issue dated Thursday, 9 October, and so must be received by the Gazette by the Wednesday before that issue: 1 October. The Gazette cannot include notification of a viva which takes place on the day of publication. For this reason, we recommend that you notify the Gazette by email, to prevent postal delays. There is no need to use the GSO.9 form when emailing the Gazette, as long as sufficient information is provided (as in the list above), although we will accept a scanned copy of the completed form emailed to us as a pdf.

** At the Examination Schools, High Street, Oxford (fax: (2)76904; email:

‡ It is not essential to use the GSO9 form, which will have been sent to you by the Research Degrees Team, particularly if you are emailing the information to the Gazette. If you are not using the form, please double-check that the details listed have been given.