Council & its committees

All changes to legislation made by Council and its committees and published in the Gazette during the 2016/17 academic year.

Council of the University

Academic staff governance

Careers Service Subcommittee/Committee for the Language Centre

Code of Practice on Meetings and Events (Supplement)

College Accounts

Committee to Review Donations

Council Regulations 2 of 2004 (Regulations for other University Bodies) and Council Regulations 15 of 2002 (Committees of Council)

Council Regulations 14 and 15 of 2002 (concerning committees and committees of Council) and Council Regulations 1 of 2010 (the Financial Regulations) (corrigendum)

Curators of the University Parks

Dates of term 2017–23

Financial Regulations

Income Grant from the College Contributions Fund

Income Grants and loan from the College Contributions Fund: 2017 application round

Joint Committee for the Recognised Independent Centres membership

Membership of the Board of the Faculty of English Language and Literature

Membership of the Board of the Faculty of Theology and Religion

Nomination of external member of Council (Dame Kate Barker) (approved)

Regulations for the Review Panel

Rules Committee Regulations 1 of 2016: Regulations for the Activities and Conduct of Student Members (Supplement)

Statutes XII, XI and XIV: Associated regulations (Supplement)

Student Fitness to Study Panel

Student Wellbeing Subcommittee

Regulations for the Visitatorial Board (corrigendum)

General Purposes Committee of Council

Establishment of the Robert and Valerie Appleby Research Scholarship Fund

Friends of the Ashmolean Museum

Membership of the Beit Fund Board of Management

Saïd Business School and Business Advisory Council

Establishment of the Contemporary History and Public Policy of Mexico Fund

Diebold Fund for Comparative Philology

Travel Fund for the Economics of Developing Countries

Establishment of the Edward Orsborn Professorship of US Politics and Political History Fund

Queen Elizabeth House Fund

School of Geography Geographical Endowment Fund

Establishment of the Shelagh Heffernan Awards Fund

Higher Studies Fund Trust Regulations

Irish Government Senior Scholarship Fund

Oxford Kobe Scholarships

Moritz–Heyman Scholarship Fund

Establishment of the Nasmyth Laboratory Fund

Establishment of the Oxford Physics Endowment Fund for Graduates

Establishment of the Oxford University Rugby Fund

Establishment of the Topolski Fund

Establishment of the Oxford Translational Research Trust Fund

Planning and Resource Allocation Committee of Council

Renaming of the Laudian Professor of Arabic

Establishment of the Philip Wetton Professorship of Astrophysics

Renaming of the Richard Doll Professorship of Epidemiology

Establishment of the Professorship of Paediatric Neuroimaging

Establishment of the Professorship of Paediatric Neuromuscular Disease

Renaming of the Professorship of Public Health

Changes to the Professorship of Sociology and Demography