Notifications of Vacancies

  • Thursday 19 May 2016
  • NO. 5133
  • VOL. 146

Please refer to the website, or contact the email address shown, for further details of the vacancy. For a full list of vacancies in the University and colleges, see

The University is committed to equality and valuing diversity.

Colleges, Halls and Societies

Brasenose; 8-hour stipendiary Lecturer in Medieval English; £17,179–£19,321 plus allowances; 7 June;

Christ Church; Undergraduate Outreach and Access Officer; £24,298–£28,982; 8 June;

Corpus Christi; Graduate Teaching Assistant in Economics; £6,175; noon, 31 May;

Corpus Christi; Graduate Teaching Assistant in English; £6,175; noon, 31 May;

Exeter; fixed-term stipendiary Lecturer in Modern History; £4,295–£4,830; noon, 9 June;

Hertford; 1-year 4-hour stipendiary Lectureship in Economics; £8,846–£9,661; 6 June;

Hertford; Deputy Academic Administrator; £27,328–£32,600; 10 June;

Jesus; Career Development Lecturer in Medicine; £6,442–£7,246; 27 May;

Lady Margaret Hall; Junior Dean; accommodation and benefits; noon, 9 June; or

Lincoln; Lavery-Shuffrey Early Career Fellowship in Roman Art and Archaeology; £28,143–£30,738 plus benefits; 14 June;

Oriel; Carpenter/Joiner; c£24,000; 7 June;

Oriel; Electrician; c£28,000; 7 June;

Oriel; stipendiary Lectureship in Computer Science; 31 May;

Pembroke; 4-hour or 6-hour stipendiary Lectureship in Physics; £8,590–£9,661 or £12,885–£14,491; 10 June;

Queen's; Conference and Functions Officer (Maternity Cover); £30,738; 26 May;

St Anne's; Maintenance Manager; £33,000–£35,000; noon, 25 May;

St Benet's Hall; Maintenance & Housekeeping Manager; £25,000–£28,000; 1 June;

St Catherine's; Communications Officer; noon, 3 June;

St Hilda's; 1-year stipendiary Lectureship in English (from 1 October 2016); £17,179–£18,219; noon, 9 June;

Somerville; Junior Dean (2016-18); 10am, 1 June;

Wadham; stipendiary Lecturership in Philosophy; £15,032; 13 June;

Wolfson; Junior 2nd Chef; £21,227; 27 May;

Worcester; 2 non-stipendiary Junior Research Fellowships in the Sciences and 1 non-stipendiary Tilleard-Cole Junior Research Fellowship in Psychiatry/Neuroscience; 3 June;

Worcester; fixed-term 6-hour Lectureship in Engineering Science: Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering; £12,885–£14,491; 6 June;

External Vacancies

Pembroke College, Cambridge; Director of International Programmes (from 1 September 2016); c£68,000–£74,000; 10 June;