Notifications of Vacancies

  • Thursday 7 May 2015
  • NO. 5095
  • VOL. 145

Please refer to the website, or contact the email address shown, for further details of the vacancy. For a full list of vacancies in the University and colleges, see

The University is committed to equality and valuing diversity.

University of Oxford

Blavatnik School of Government; Blavatnik Professorship of Government and Public Policy; 2 June;

Public Affairs Directorate; part-time Digital Editor of Oxford Today (2 days per week); 29 May;

Colleges, Halls and Societies

Hertford; 1-year fixed-term stipendiary Lectureship in French (MT: 5 hours; HT & TT: 6 hours); £10,626–£11,956 rising to £12,757–£14,348; 15 May;

Hertford; Junior Dean; £1,700 pa; 15 May;

Lady Margaret Hall; 2 6-hour fixed-term stipendiary Lectureships in Law; £12,757–£14,348; 9am, 25 May;

Mansfield; part-time weekend Porter; £12,867; 5pm, 15 May;

Oriel; stipendiary Lectureship in French; 22 May;

St Anne's; non-stipendiary Research Fellowship in Medical Sciences; noon, 12 May;

St Anne's; non-stipendiary Research Fellowship in Physics; noon, 12 May;

St Catherine's; Junior Deans; £4,894 pa plus accommodation and some meals; 9am, 25 May;

Trinity; stipendiary Lecturership in Philosophy; noon, 18 May;

External Vacancies

University of Cambridge; Professorship of Education (2000); 1 June;

Corpus Christi College, Cambridge; 3-year non-stipendiary Research Fellowship 2015 in any subject; 29 May;

Emmanuel College, Cambridge; 3-year Mead Fellowship in Economics (from 1 October 2015); £30,000; 10 June;