• Thursday 6 November 2014
  • NO. 5076
  • VOL. 145

General Notices

Gazette distribution changes

From the start of Hilary term 2015, we are changing the way in which deliveries of the Gazette are managed. This also affects the other publications delivered alongside the Gazette.

What is changing?

An opt-in subscription service is now available at, where any member of University or college staff with an Oxford username (single sign-on account) can:

  • opt into receiving email notifications of new online issues of the Gazette, Blueprint, Oxford Today, the Oxford Magazine and/or the OUP Annual Report
  • opt into deliveries of printed editions of the Gazette, Blueprint, the Oxford Magazine and/or the OUP Annual Report, and choose their preferred delivery address from a list of all college or University buildings.

What do I need to do?

If you want to receive any print publications from the start of Hilary term, or any email alerts that you haven’t already signed up for, you must visit to set your preferences.

Further information

For further information see the full notice in Gazette No 5074, 23 October 2014, and the answers to frequently asked questions, please see

Isis Innovation

Expert witness course

Bond Solon, a specialist legal training company, will present a one-day course aimed at academic staff who act as expert witnesses. The course will provide them with the key skills required to produce court compliant reports and is offered at a highly subsidised rate. For more information on the course, including registration details, please see

Industrial action beginning on 6 November 2014

The University and College Union (UCU) has called on its members to take continuous action short of a strike in the form of an assessment and marking boycott, beginning on 6 November. The action is in support of their dispute over proposed changes to the USS pension scheme. You can read more about the proposed changes here:

This action includes all setting and marking associated with student examinations, course work and assignments. The industrial dispute is between the UCU and the University. College-only employees are not being asked to take part in industrial action. Those holding joint appointments are not being asked to take part in industrial action, except in relation to their University assessment and marking duties.

The UCU has not called on staff to work to contract in other respects.

The University does not intend to pay marking or examining fees to those who do not take part in examining.  The University reserves the right to refuse to accept partial performance at any future date. In that event, an appropriate deduction in pay would be made.

A group led by the Registrar is working to minimise the impact of this industrial action and efforts continue at a national level to resolve the dispute.

Recognition of Distinction

Successful applicants 2014

Suzanne Aigrain, Professor of Astrophysics
Dapo Akande, Professor of Public International Law
Roy Allison, Professor of Russian and Eurasian International Relations
Pamela Anderson, Professor of Modern European Philosophy of Religion
John Kevin Baird, Professor of Malariology
Eleanor Barnes, Professor of Hepatology and Experimental Medicine
Alan Barr, Professor of Particle Physics
Philip Bejon, Professor of Tropical Medicine
Simon Benjamin, Professor of Quantum Technologies
David Bennett, Professor of Neurology and Neurobiology
Amy Bogaard, Professor of Neolithic and Bronze Age Archaeology
Michael Bonsall, Professor of Mathematical Biology
Martin Booth, Professor of Engineering Science
Mary Bosworth, Professor of Criminology
Ian Brown, Professor of Information Security and Privacy
Thomas Buchanan, Professor of Modern British and European History
Malcolm Bull, Professor of Art and the History of Ideas,
Philip Bullock, Professor of Russian Literature and Music
Andrew Bunker, Professor of Astrophysics
Martin Bureau, Professor of Astrophysics
Martin Burton, Professor of Otolaryngology
Byron Byrne, Professor of Engineering Science
Marco Capogna, Professor of Cellular Neuropharmacology
T William Child, Professor of Philosophy
Tim Claridge, Professor of Magnetic Resonance
Robert Clarke, Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health Medicine
Simon Clarke, Professor of Chemistry
Radu Coldea, Professor of Physics
Christopher Conlon, Professor of Infectious Diseases
Martin Conway, Professor of Contemporary European History
Stephanie Cragg, Professor of Neuroscience
Julie Curtis, Professor of Russian Literature
John Darwin, Professor of Global and Imperial History
Grigory Dianov, Professor of Molecular Biochemistry
Kim Dora, Professor of Microvascular Pharmacology
Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, Professor of English Literature
Jonathan Doye, Professor of Theoretical Chemistry
Joanna Dunkley, Professor of Astrophysics
Mark Edwards, Professor of Early Christian Studies
Christian Eggeling, Professor of Molecular Immunology
John Elsner, Professor of Late Antique Art
Radek Erban, Professor of Mathematics
Colin Espie, Professor of Sleep Medicines
Louise Fawcett, Professor of International Relations
Seena Fazel, Professor of Forensic Psychiatry
Liz Fisher, Professor of Environmental Law
Andrew Fowler, Professor of Applied Mathematics
Susan Fuggle, Professor of Transplant Immunology
Nicola Gardini, Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature
George Garnett, Professor of Medieval History
Christine Gerrard, Professor of English Literature
Matthew Gibney, Professor of Politics and Forced Migration
Susan Gillingham, Professor of the Hebrew Bible
Feliciano Giustino, Professor of Materials
Anna Gloyn, Professor of Molecular Genetics and Metabolism
Sion Glyn-Jones, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Andrew Goodwin, Professor of Materials Chemistry
Manuele Gragnolati, Professor of Italian Literature
Jane Green, Professor of  Epidemiology
Daniel Grimley, Professor of Music
Hanneke Grootenboer, Professor of the History of Art
Philippe Guerin, Professor of Epidemiology and Global Health
Nicholas Halmi, Professor of English and Comparative Literature
Anthony Harnden, Professor of Primary Care
Bob Harris, Professor of British History
Ralf Hinze, Professor of Software Engineering
Christopher Hodges, Professor of Justice Systems
Peter Howell, Professor of Applied Mathematics
Joanna Innes, Professor of Modern History
Cigdem Issever, Professor of Particle Physics
Matthew Jarvis, Professor of Astrophysics
Mark Jenkinson, Professor of Neuroimaging
Hugh Jenkyns, Professor of Stratigraphy
Marina Jirotka, Professor of Human Centred Computing
Thomas Johansen, Professor of Ancient Philosophy
Angus Johnston, Professor of Law
Michael Johnston, Professor of Physics
Jane Kaye, Professor of Health, Law and Policy
Stephen Kearsey, Professor of Cell Biology
Neil Kenny, Professor of French
Benedikt Kessler, Professor of Biochemistry and Life Sciences Mass Spectrometry
Robert Klose, Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology
Marian Knight, Professor of Maternal and Child Population Health
Julian Knight, Professor of Geonomic Medicine
Tim Lancaster, Professor of Primary Health Care
Martin Landray, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology
Trudie Lang, Professor of Global Health Research
Chris Lavy, Professor of Tropical Orthopaedic Surgery
Rhodri Lewis, Professor of English Literature
Owen Lewis, Professor of Ecology
Jane Lucy Lightfoot, Professor of Greek Literature
Christopher Lintott, Professor of Astrophysics
Adriaan Louis, Professor of Theoretical Physics
Conall Mac Niocaill, Professor of Earth Sciences
Peter McCulloch, Professor of Surgical Science and Practice
Peter McDonald, Professor of British and Irish Poetry
Rose McGready, Professor of Tropical Maternal and Child Health
Fiona Macintosh, Professor of Classical Reception
Stuart Mackenzie, Professor of Chemistry
Peter Magill, Professor of Neurobiology
William Mander, Professor of History of Modern Philosophy
Jonathan Marchini, Professor of Statistics
Andrew Martin, Professor of Systems Security
Tamsin Mather, Professor of Earth Sciences
Christopher Melchert, Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies
Kim Midwood, Professor of Matrix Biology
Karla Miller, Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Peter Mirfield, Professor of the Law of Evidence
Llewelyn Morgan
Teresa Morgan, Professor of Graeco-Roman History
Boris Motik, Professor of Computer Science
Shona Murphy, Professor of Molecular Genetics
Victoria Murphy, Professor of Applied Linguistics
Paul Newton, Professor of Tropical Medicine
Bent Nielsen, Professor of Econometrics
Heather O'Donoghue, Professor of Old Norse
Colin O'Halloran, Professor of Computer Science
Michael O'Hanlon, Professor of Museum Anthropology
Ray Owens, Professor of Molecular Biology
Deborah Oxley, Professor of Social Science History
Sarah Parish, Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology
Laura Peers, Professor of Museum Anthropology
Rafael Perera-Salazar, Professor of Medical Statistics
Seamus Perry, Professor of English Literature
John Pitcher, Professor of English Literature
Tommaso Pizzari, Professor of Evolutionary Biology
Mason Porter, Professor of Nonlinear and Complex Systems
Eduardo Posada-Carbo, Professor of the History and Politics of Latin America
Thomas Povey, Professor of Engineering Science
David Priestland, Professor of Modern History
Diane Purkiss, Professor of English Literature
Zhongmin Qian, Professor of Mathematics
Maria Quigley, Professor of Statistical Epidemiology
Mike Rayner, Professor of Population Health
David Rechter, Professor of Modern Jewish History
Jonathan Rees, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Science
Owen Rees, Professor of Music
Gillian Reeves, Professor of Statistical Epidemiology
Matthew Reynolds, Professor of English and Comparative Criticism
Dimitra Rigopoulou, Professor of Astrophysics
Jens Rittscher, Professor of Engineering Science
Blanca Rodriguez, Professor of Computational Medicine
Timothy Rood, Professor of Greek Literature
Richard Rutherford, Professor of Greek and Latin Literature
Gwendolyn Sasse, Professor of Comparative Politics
Gaia Scerif, Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
Alexander Schekochihin, Professor of Theoretical Physics
Julia Schnabel, Professor of Engineering Science
Alison Shaw, Professor of Social Anthropology
Nicola Sibson, Professor of Imaging Neuroscience
Alison Simmons, Professor of Gastroenterology
Lesley Smith, Professor of Medieval Intellectual History
Philip Stier, Professor of Atmospheric Physics    
Eleanor Stride, Professor of Engineering Science
David Stuckler, Professor of Political Economy and Sociology
Lee Sweetlove, Professor of Plant Sciences
Balazs Szendroi, Professor of Pure Mathematics
Graham Taylor, Professor of Mathematical Biology
Jonathan Thacker, Professor of Spanish Golden Age Literature
Guy Thwaites, Professor of Infectious Diseases
Christiane Timmel, Professor of Chemistry
Stephen Tuck, Professor of Modern History
Claire Vallance, Professor of Physical Chemistry
Ann Sarah Walker, Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology
David Wallace, Professor of Philosophy of Physics
Bryan Ward-Perkins, Professor of Late Antique History
Jamie Warner, Professor of Materials
Sarah Waters, Professor of Applied Mathematics
Andrew Wathen, Professor of Computational Mathematics
Kate Watkins, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
John Watts, Professor of Later Medieval History
Tony Weidberg, Professor of Physics
Joanna Weinberg, Professor of Early Modern Jewish History and Rabbinics
William Whyte, Professor of Social and Architectural History
Giles Wiggs, Professor of Aeolian Geomorphology
Wes Williams, Professor of French Literature
Abigail Williams, Professor of Eighteenth-Century English Literature
Bridget Wills, Professor of Tropical Medicine
Mark Wilson, Professor of Chemistry
Dariusz Wojcik, Professor of Economic Geography
Hongseok Yang, Professor of Computer Science
Nick Yeung, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience
Zhong You, Professor of Engineering Science
Duncan Young, Professor of Intensive Care Medicine
Johannes Zachhuber, Professor of Historical and Systematic Theology
Oliver Zimmer, Professor of Modern European History