Colleges, Halls and Societies

  • Thursday 2 October 2014
  • NO. 5071
  • VOL. 145

Memorial Service

All Souls

A memorial service will be held for Peter Shervey Lewis (1931–2014), MA, FRHistS, Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et Lettres, Associé étranger de l'Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres, Prize Fellow 1953–60, Junior Research Fellow 1960–7, Senior Research Fellow 1967–98 and Emeritus Fellow 1998–2014, at 2.30pm on Saturday, 11 October, in the chapel, All Souls. Tea will be served in Hall after the service.


Andrew Abelson, 18 December 2013; 1965. Aged 67.

Richard Asbury, 13 November 2013; 2000. Aged 31.

John Barnicoat, 7 September 2013; 1948. Aged 89.

John Bartlett, 8 June 2014; 1945. Aged 86.

Paul Baxter, 3 March 2014; 1949. Aged 89.

John Blair-Fish, 4 September 2013; 1969. Aged 63.

John Butcher, 1 October 2013; 1964. Aged 69.

Anthony Fleischer, 9 June 2014; 1950. Aged 86.

David Goldey, 25 July 2014; Tutorial Fellow in Politics 1964–2003, Supernumerary Fellow 2003–14. Aged 78.

Richard Ground, 29 March 2014; 1967. Aged 64.

Peter Halsall, 9 January 2014; 1945. Aged 86.

Robert Heazell, 8 September 2013; 1959. Aged 78.

Donald Johnson, 25 February 2014; 1948. Aged 85.

Jacques Le Goff, 1 April 2014; 1951.

Roger Marsh, 10 March 2014; 1947. Aged 84.

J Mellor, 4 May 2014; 1973. Aged 59.

See Tan, 18 March 2014; 1987.

Simon Truman, 21 November 2013; 1949. Aged 88.

Walter Wells, 30 October 2013; 1947. Aged 90.

Arthur Wontner, October 2013; 1956. Aged 77.

Frederick Wright, 3 May 2014; 1948. Aged 87.

Anthony Young, 21 September 2013; 1958. Aged 74.


Dr Anthony Allison, FRCPath, 20 February 2014; 1947. Aged 89.

Professor Charles R Forker, 15 February 2014; 1951. Aged 87.

(Arthur) Walt Litz, 4 June 2014; Rhodes Scholar 1951. Aged 85.

Rupert P Sheard, 26 August 2014; Postmaster 1983. Aged 50.

St Hilda's

Patricia Caldwell (née Ball), July 2014; Exhibitioner 1939. Aged 93.

Cynthia Ann Childs (née Page), 5 July 2014; 1949. Aged 83.

Eleanor Lettice Curtis, 21 July 2014; 1933. Aged 99.

Sylvia Audrey Florence Mann, 21 June 2014; 1947. Aged 87.

Nancy Kathleen Metcalfe (née Dawson), 12 May 2014; 1937. Aged 95.

Catherine Mary Strathie (Lady Graham), 14 July 2014; 1941. Aged 91.

St Hugh's

June Bruton; 1969. Aged 63.

Grace Weston, 27 August 2014; 1943. Aged 89.


All Souls

Visiting Fellowships 2014–15

Acorn, Professor Annalise, Alberta. Resentment and responsibility (Law/Philosophy) (MT, HT, TT)

Caruso, Professor Carlo, Durham. Vernacular classics and textual scholarship: Renaissance innovations (Classics) (HT)

Gai, Professor Prasanna, Auckland. Safe assets and the evolution of financial information (Economics) (MT)

Garrett, Professor Brandon, Virginia. Comparing claims of innocence (Law) (TT)

Goldrick, Rear-Admiral James, NSW. Towards a new maritime strategy for medium powers: a British and Australian perspective (Economics/History/Law/Politics) (HT, TT)

Hadfield, Professor Andrew, Sussex. Lying and the law in early-modern English culture (Literature) (HT)

Janse, Professor Mark, Ghent. Cappadocian (Asia Minor Greek) (Classics) (MT)

Kelly, Dr Gavin, Edinburgh. Studies in the text and language of Ammianus Marcellinus (Classics) (MT)

Kord, Professor Susanne, UCL. From superstition to strategy: on the political expediency of post-Enlightenment witch-hunting (History/Literature) (MT)

Langton, Professor Rae, Cambridge. John Locke Lecturer (Philosophy) (TT)

Levin, Professor Jonathan, Stanford. Private and public provision of healthcare (Economics) (TT)

Lucey, Professor Michael, Berkeley. Proust, sociology, talk, novels: the novel form (Literature) (TT)

Lynch, Professor Jack, Rutgers. The Shakespeare phantom: the lives of William Henry Ireland (Literature) (MT)

MacCabe, Professor Colin, Pittsburgh. Exploring key words in English – an investigation of the historical constitution of the semantic material of ideological debate in the modern period (Literature) (MT)

Ransom, Dr Scott, National Radio Astronomy Observatory and Virginia. Finding exotic pulsars and fast radio transients in future all-sky surveys (Astronomy) (MT)

Riggs, Dr Christina, East Anglia. The photographic archive of the tomb of Tutankhamun: method, myth and modernity in Egptian archaeology (Anthropology/Archaeology) (HT)

Rosen, Professor Michael, Harvard. History and freedom in German idealism (History/Politics) (MT, HT, TT)

Russell, Professor Lynette, Monash Indigenous Centre. British Association for the Advancement of Science and the emergence of anthropology, 1831–1914 (History/Social Anthropology) (HT, TT)

Sharpe, Professor Pamela, Tasmania. Everyday obligations: households and economic change in the British Isles 1650–1850 (Economics/History) (MT)

Swanson, Professor Robert, Birmingham. The parish in late medieval England (c1300–c1535) (History) (TT)

Tasioulas, Professor John, UCL. Human rights: from morality to law (Law) (TT)

Wisniewski, Dr Robert, Warsaw. The late-antique cult of relics (Classics/History) (HT)

Woods, Professor Marjorie, Texas. Weeping for Dido: rhetoric, gender and emotions in the medieval classroom (Classics/Literature) (HT)