Colleges, Halls and Societies

  • Thursday 29 January 2015
  • NO. 5084
  • VOL. 145

Conference of Colleges

Elections for Michaelmas term 2015

Vacancies on Conference and University Committees

Nominations for these vacancies have been invited from colleges by 4pm on 6 February.

  Vacancy Current/retiring member  Until  
Conference Chairman, Head of House Member Sir Jonathan Phillips, Warden of Keble end of TT 2017
Steering Committee Head of House Member Dr Nick Brown, Principal of Linacre end of TT 2018
Admissions Committee  Head of House Deputy Chair Mr Mark Damazer, Master of St Peter's end of TT 2017 
Continuing Education Board  Head of House Member  Sir Mark Jones, Master of St Cross  end of TT 2018 
Joint Fees and Student Support Advisory  Group  Head of House Member  Professor Sir Keith Gull, Principal of St Edmund Hall  end of TT 2018 
Rules Committee College Dean  Dr Alison Woollard, Hertford  end of TT 2018 
Careers Service Subcommittee  Head of House Member  Sir Curtis Price, Warden of New College  end of TT 2018 

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Memorial Events

St Benet's Hall

A Memorial Eucharist will be held for Stratford Caldecott (1954–2014), MA Oxf, STD (HC), FRSA, G K Chesterton Research Fellow 2005–15, at 4pm on 20 February in the chapel at Blackfriars. Refreshments will be served after the service in the Priory Refectory, Blackfriars. All welcome.


St Hugh's

Marion Hope (née Whittaker), 7 December 2014; 1941. Aged 91.



Senior Research Fellowship

Iain McLean, MA DPhil Oxf

Postdoctoral Prize Research Fellowships

Michael Grätz, BA Heidelberg, MSc Oxf

Dingeman Wiertz, BSc MSc Tilburg, MSc Oxf

Non-stipendiary Research Fellowship

Marii Paskov, BA Tallin, MA Groningen

Visiting Fellowship

John Micklethwait, MA

Associate Memberships

Facundo Alvaredo, Lic Buenos Aires, MA Torcuato Di Tella, DEA DELTA-EHESS, PhD Paris School of Economics

Lucy Barnes, BA Oxf, AM PhD Harvard

Sylvie Dubuc, MSc Cran, Lic Maîtrise DEA PhD Paris

Charles Gottlieb, MPhil Oxf, PhD EUI

Thomas Hale, AB MA PhD Princeton, MSc LSE

Ksenia Northmore-Ball, BA Boston College, MPhil DPhil Oxf

Tom Pegram, BScEcon Aberystwyth, MPhil DPhil Oxf

Max Roser, BA BSc MA MPhil PhD Innsbruck

Abhijeet Singh, BA Delhi, MSc Oxf

Alexander Teytelboym, BSc LSE, MPhil DPhil Oxf