• Thursday 26 February 2015
  • NO. 5088
  • VOL. 145

Congregation 10 February10 February

Voting on Resolution

Since more than 50 members of Congregation have requisitioned a postal vote on the resolution relating to Castle Mill, the rejection of the resolution in Congregation on 10 February (see Gazette no 5086, 12 February 2015, p345) is not confirmed, and a postal vote will now take place.

Signatories to requisition:

Jack Beatson, Merton
Mette Berg, Anthropology
W J Blair, Queen's
Timothy Bradshaw, Regent’s Park
Julia Bray, St John's
W R C Briant, St Cross
Anna Brown, Nuffield Department of Population Health
Christopher Brown, Worcester
Theresa Burt de Perera, St John’s
Dexter Canoy, Nuffield Department of Population Health
Jane Caplan, St Antony's
E Carmichael, St John's
Peter J Collins, St Edmund Hall
Rory Collins, St Cross
Stephanie Dalley, Somerville
Jill M Dawson, Nuffield Department of Population Health
Jan-Georg Deutsch, St Cross
Robert J W Evans, Oriel
Keith N Frayn, Green Templeton
Judith Freedman, Worcester
Robert Gildea, Worcester
Susan Gillingham, Worcester
Stephen Goddard, St Catherine’s
C Gosden, Keble
A S Goudie, St Cross
R B P Harrison, Saïd Business School
Paul Harvey, Jesus
M Hawcroft, Keble
Martin Henig, Wolfson
William Herrington, Nuffield Department of Population Health
Daniel Isaacson, Wolfson
Jane Kaye, St Cross
Basil Kouvaritakis, St Edmund Hall
John R Krebs, Jesus
Diarmaid MacCulloch, St Cross
Peter Mackridge, St Cross
Judith Maltby, Corpus Christi
Timothy Morris, Green Templeton
Piers Charles Gillespie Nye, Balliol
Avner Offer, All Souls
Sarah Phibbs, Museum of Natural History
Fernanda Pirie, St Cross
Oliver Pooley, Oriel
Hilary Priestley, St Anne's
C W G Redman, LMH
Jane Roberts, Nuffield
S G Roberts, St Edmund Hall
Antony Gervase Rosser, St Catherine’s
Michael Sharpe, St Cross
Wendy Shepherd, Museum of Natural History
Janet Stott, Museum of Natural History
Kate Tunstall, Worcester
N Van Hear, St Cross
Robin Ward, St Stephen’s House
Simon Richard Whalley, Keble
Andrew Wilkinson, All Souls
R W Zetter, Green Templeton

Text of Resolution

Congregation welcomes the conclusions of the EIA, resolves that of the three options that it offers for mitigation of the environmental damage caused by the Castle Mill Development, Option 3 is the only one that offers substantial mitigation, and therefore instructs Council to proceed with mitigation work according to the recommendations of Option 3.

(For a full list of the proposers of the Resolution and Council's response, see Gazette No 5083, 22 January 2015, p254.)


At the Congregation meeting on 10 February the resolution was rejected (for: 210; against: 536). Following the requisition of a postal vote by more than 50 members of Congregation, the resolution will be submitted to a postal vote for confirmation or rejection in accordance with Part 4 of Congregation Regulations 2 of 2002.

The arrangements for the postal vote are as follows:

1 Voting papers were dispatched to members of Congregation on 19 February.

2 Completed voting papers must be returned to the Registrar’s Office (University Offices) not later than noon on Thursday, 5 March. Voting papers received after this time will not be counted.

3 Members of Congregation who are currently outside the UK and are unable to return their voting paper in hard copy by the above time may apply to the Proctors for permission to submit their voting paper electronically. Requests for permission must be made in writing to before noon on Wednesday, 4 March (requests received after this time will not be considered). Requests must include (i) the member’s full name and college and/or department and (ii) confirmation that he or she is a member of Congregation. Voting papers may only be submitted electronically by members who have been granted permission by the Proctors (an electronic version of the voting paper will be provided).

4 Every member of Congregation may vote in the postal vote regardless of whether he or she voted at the meeting on 10 February. Please note that votes cast in the Congregation meeting will not be included in the postal vote.

Any queries should be addressed to

The transcript of the debate on the resolution was published as Supplement (2) to Gazette No 5086 and on the Congregation website.

The Congregation website is at

Congregation2 March

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Congregation: 10 March10 March


¶ Members of Congregation are reminded that any two members may, not later than noon on 2 March, give notice in writing to the Registrar that they intend to oppose or amend any of the resolutions below or wish to discuss the Annual Review of the University (see the note on the conduct of business in Congregation below). If no such notice has been given, and unless Council has declared otherwise or the meeting has been adjourned, each resolution shall be carried and the Annual Review declared presented and the meeting may be cancelled.

(1) Voting on Resolutions approving the conferment of Honorary Degrees

(i) That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, upon Professor Sir Richard Evans, historian, Regius Professor of History emeritus and President of Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, Provost of Gresham College in the City of London, Fellow of the British Academy, Honorary Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, be approved.

(ii) That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, upon Dame Hilary Mantel, author, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, two-time winner of the Booker Prize, recipient of the Bodley Medal, be approved.

(iii) That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, upon Professor Ruth Simmons, former President and Professor of Comparative Literature and Africana Sciences of Brown University, former President of Smith College, Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, winner of the Fulbright Lifetime Achievement Medal, Chevalier of the French Legion of Honour, be approved.

(iv) That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa, upon Professor Dame Ann Dowling, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Cambridge, President and Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Fellow of the Royal Society, Foreign Member of the US National Academy of Engineering and of the French Academy of Sciences, be approved.

(v) That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa, upon Professor Sir Magdi Yacoub, OM, Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London, Founder and Director of Research at the Harefield Heart Science Centre, Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences and of the Royal Society, be approved.

(vi) That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Music, honoris causa, upon Jessye Norman, soprano, concert and opera singer, Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, winner of the Grammy Award for Lifetime Achievement, member of the French Legion of Honour, be approved.

¶ If the resolutions are approved, the honorary degrees will be conferred at the Encaenia on 24 June. At the ceremony, an honorary degree will also be conferred upon Professor Wallace Broecker, who was unable to attend the Encaenia on 25 June 2014 at short notice (see Gazette no 5049, 6 February 2014, p299).

(2) Presentation of the Annual Review of the University

The Annual Review of the University for 2013–14 (Supplement *1 to Gazette, Vol 145, January 2015) will be presented and may be discussed.

Convocation19 June


Professor of Poetry

Details are in 'Elections' section below.

Note on procedures in Congregation

¶ Business in Congregation is conducted in accordance with Congregation Regulations 2 of 2002 ( A printout of these regulations, or of any statute or other regulations, is available from the Council Secretariat on request. A member of Congregation seeking advice on questions relating to its procedures, other than elections, should contact Mrs F Burchett at the University Offices, Wellington Square (telephone: (2)80199; email:; questions relating to elections should be directed to the Elections Officer, Ms S L S Mulvihill (telephone: (2)80463; email: