Examinations and Boards

  • Thursday 25 September 2014
  • NO. 5070
  • VOL. 145

Changes to Examination Regulations

For the complete text of each regulation listed below and a listing of all changes to regulations for this year to date, please see www.ox.ac.uk/gazette/examinationregulations.

Education Committee

25-09-14 Regulations concerning Register of Graduate Taught Students (9kb)

new general regulations

25-09-14 Regulations for Degree of BPhil or MPhil (5kb)

to rename one section of regulations from 'Register of Students for the Degree' to 'Admission of Candidates'

25-09-14 Regulations for Degree of MSt (5kb)
25-09-14 Regulations for Degree of MSc by Coursework (14kb)
25-09-14 Regulations for Degree of MBA (13kb)
25-09-14 Regulations for Degree of MFA (12kb)
25-09-14 Regulations for Degree of Master of Public Policy (12kb)

to remove duplication

25-09-14 General Regulations for Research Degrees (8kb)  

to amend existing regulations for 'Register of Graduate Students' to make content specific to research students 

Continuing Education Board

25-09-14 MSt in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (8kb)

(a) change to number of residential retreats
(b) to require dissertation to be submitted in digital copy as well as in hard copy
(c) to bring arrangements for resubmission into line with other postgraduate courses offered by the department
(d) some general updating to bring presentation in line with other regulations

25-09-14 Diploma in British Archaeology (6kb)

minor presentational changes 

Humanities Board

25-09-14 MFA (7kb)

syllabus revisions and introduction of a part-time mode of study

25-09-14 MPhil in Islamic Art and Archaeology (4kb)
25-09-14 PGDip in Theology (4kb)

clarification of existing regulations

25-09-14 MPhil, MSc and MSt in various History subjects (87kb)
25-09-14 MSt in Women's Studies (4kb)

change of deadline

25-09-14 MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies (4kb)

new option

25-09-14 MSt in Ancient Philosophy (89kb)

change to thesis word limit

25-09-14 MSt in Modern Jewish Studies (4kb)

removal of an option

25-09-14 Prelims in Fine Art (34kb)

removal of drawing from the examination

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Board

25-09-14 All Prelims and FHS in Computer Science (7kb)  

change to deadline for practical work

25-09-14 Honour School of Computer Science and Philosophy (i) (7kb)

correction to clarify that B1 Set Theory and Logic will not be available to students in Computer Science and Philosophy

25-09-14 Honour School of Computer Science and Philosophy (ii) (5kb)

correction to web address given in regulations

Medical Sciences Board

25-09-14 Degrees in Medicine and Surgery (4kb)

regulations for degrees in Medicine and Surgery are being re-structured to facilitate publication in a new, on-line format

25-09-14 Preliminary Examination in Medicine, Part I (5kb)

to move the Hilary term deadline for submission of the Longitudinal Case Study back by one week

Social Sciences Board

25-09-14 MPhil and MSc in Modern Japanese Studies (14kb)

(a) to remove requirement to produce dissertation at end of first year as part of MPhil qualifying test
(b) to establish clearer progression routes from MPhil to DPhil

25-09-14 Master of Public Policy (5kb)

(a) to split a core module into two
(b) to rename Practical Skills modules
(c) to convert two options into a core module

25-09-14 MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies (34kb)

to remove requirement to pass core course to be able to submit the dissertation

25-09-14 MSc in Law and Finance (6kb)

(a) to replace two core finance courses with a single course
(b) new option

25-09-14 MSc in Social Science of the Internet (7kb)

changes to Research Methods course

25-09-14 FHS in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (5kb)

change of rubric to option paper to remove redundant text