• Thursday 20 November 2014
  • NO. 5078
  • VOL. 145

University Committees

Vacancies for appointment by Council and/or its GPC

Council's General Purposes Committee (GPC) invites members of the University (subject to eligibility) to submit expressions of interest in relation to the following vacancies to which it or Council appoints.

Expressions of interest must be received by the Council Secretariat ( by 4pm on 27 November.

Any eligible person who wishes to have his or her name put forward for consideration is encouraged to speak with his or her head of division or head of house, and/or with the relevant committee members or officers to obtain more information about the role, prior to submitting an expression of interest. Expressions received from individuals will be collated by the Council Secretariat with those names received through other routes (such as via heads of division, heads of house or committee officers directly). All names will then be reviewed by the Registrar and Vice-Chancellor prior to being forwarded to GPC and/or Council for consideration as the appointing bodies for these committees.

The purpose of this invitation is to broaden the pool of potential candidates brought to the attention of the appointing body. The names put to the appointing body are only suggestions. It should be noted that the appointing body remains free to take its own decision, irrespective of any names received through this route. In particular, to support the commitments made by the University under its equality scheme, the appointing body will take into consideration the overall balance of membership on the body concerned, with reference to the appropriate representation of ethnicity, disability, age and gender.

Research Committee

A person appointed by Council from the divisions (vice Professor J A Noble, MPLS) to serve from MT 2015 until MT 2018

Further information:

Current Membership:

Central University Research Ethics Committee (CUREC)

Two members appointed to ensure appropriate representation of areas of research involving human participants or personal data: one (vice Professor O J Braddick) to serve from MT 2015 until MT 2019, and one (vice Professor C C Hood) to serve with immediate effect until MT 2018

Further information:

Current Membership:

Student Disciplinary Panel

Two members (vice Dr T C Buchanan and Dr E J Garnett) to serve from MT 2015 until MT 2018

Further information:

Current Membership: available upon request to the Secretary

University Club Management Committee

Three members: two (vice Dr B W Byrne and Ms M J Parrott) to serve with immediate effect until MT 2017, and one (vice Mr J Silk) to serve from MT 2015 until MT 2018

Further information:

Current Membership: available upon request to the Secretary

Visitors of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History

A person appointed by Council (vice Professor J Michie) to serve from MT 2015 until MT 2018

Further information:

Current Membership: available upon request to the Secretary

General Notices

Gazette distribution arrangements

Publication dates

The final Gazettes of Michaelmas term will be published on 27 November and 4 and 11 December.

The first Gazette of Hilary term will be published on 15 January. The usual deadlines will apply.

Subscriptions from Hilary term

From the start of Hilary term 2015, we are changing the way in which deliveries of the Gazette are managed. This also affects the other publications delivered alongside the Gazette.

What is changing?

An opt-in subscription service is now available at, where any member of University or college staff with an Oxford username (single sign-on account) can:

  • opt into receiving email notifications of new online issues of the Gazette, Blueprint, Oxford Today, the Oxford Magazine and/or the OUP Annual Report
  • opt into deliveries of printed editions of the Gazette, Blueprint, the Oxford Magazine and/or the OUP Annual Report, and choose their preferred delivery address from a list of all college or University buildings.

What do I need to do?

If you want to receive any print publications from the start of Hilary term, or any email alerts that you haven’t already signed up for, you must visit to set your preferences.

Further information

For further information see the full notice in Gazette No 5074, 23 October 2014, and for the answers to frequently asked questions, please see

Van Houten Fund

The van Houten Bequest is a fund left by the late Georges van Houten in the 1950s to be used 'for the benefit of the University in such ways as the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor, and Council shall see fit'. The Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor, Council and the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee agreed in 2005 to delegate responsibility to the Registrar to approve grants subject to a regular report to be made to Council on the decisions taken.

Bids are now being invited for grants from this fund to be used to support projects that do not form part of the normal day-to-day operations of a department and which would not easily be funded from other regular sources. Projects supported within the last year have included:

  • Welcome Service to provide support for new academic staff appointed from overseas and their families;
  • support for Oxford Science Festival.

Grants to applicants from within the University are usually in the region of £4,000–£15,000, either given as a one-off award or spread over two or three years. Grants are also available to organisations external to the University; in such cases, the amounts awarded are usually lower and there is a cap on the total amount of funding provided to external organisations, which is £25,000 for the current financial year. Certain such projects, which would more appropriately be supported from the University's Community Fund, will be advised to apply to that fund.

The most recent invitation to bid, in April 2014, attracted ten applications and resulted in awards for seven of those.

The guidelines by which bids are assessed are as follows:

1 Bids for grants will be assessed according to the breadth of the benefit to the University offered by the project in question, the strategic importance of the project to the University and the availability of funds. Only in exceptional circumstances will a grant be awarded in respect of a project which benefits a single department.

2 Grants will not ordinarily be awarded for purposes for which other trust fund (or similar) support exists within the University, for example, the funding of academic scholarships, regardless of whether or not the alternative fund(s) in question are in a position to fund the expenditure proposed.

3 Grants will not ordinarily be awarded in respect of costs for which a department might reasonably be expected to hold a budget.

4 Grants will not ordinarily be agreed in respect of recurrent activities except to provide:

(a) seed funding to support an activity in its first one to three years; or

(b) bridging support for one year only where a source of funding is lost and the department/faculty in question is confident that an alternative can be found for the following year.

5 Grants will not ordinarily cover the full cost of a project. Departments will be expected to make some contribution, or to use the grant secured by the Van Houten Fund to assist in securing other funding (including external funding).

6 The extent to which funds may be awarded to external organisations each financial year may be subject to an upper limit, to be set by the General Purposes Committee and reviewed on an annual basis.

The bids will be considered by the Registrar as a gathered field. Bids should be made on the application form which is available from the secretary of the fund or from the Van Houten Fund webpage: Applications should be sent, preferably as a Word document attached to an email, to the secretary, Mrs Adrienne Lingard, by 9 January.

Further information may be obtained from Mrs Lingard (tel (6)11627, email or at the University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD. The next invitation to bid will be in Michaelmas term 2015.

Electoral Boards

Composition of Electoral Boards

The composition of the electoral boards to the posts below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows:

Professorship of Economic History        

  Appointed by
Professor S Mapstone, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, in the chair Mr Vice-Chancellor1
The Warden of Nuffield ex officio
Professor R Goodman  Social Sciences Division 
Professor J Humphries Faculty of History
Professor P Fishback (Arizona) Department of Economics
Professor M Browning  Department of Economics
Dr R Esteves  Council
Professor K O’Rourke ex officio
Professor N Crafts (Warwick) Nuffield 

L'Oreal Professorship in Marketing 

  Appointed by
Professor R Ainsworth, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, in the chair Mr Vice-Chancellor1
The Provost of Worcester   ex officio
Professor P Tufano Executive Committee of the Saïd Business School 
Dr J Reynolds Executive Committee of the Saïd Business School 
Professor J Prabhu (Cambridge) Executive Committee of the Saïd Business School 
Professor R Goodman Social Sciences Divisional Board 
Professor S Whatmore  Social Sciences Divisional Board 
Professor S Dopson Council 
Professor J Deighton (Harvard) Council 
Dr N Vulkan Worcester


1Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Statute IX, Sect 10 and 11.

Musical and other Events


750th Anniversary Concert

7.30pm, 22 Nov: includes a new choral work by Sir Harrison Birtwistle, composed to a text by Geoffrey Hill. Also commissions by Weir, Saxton and MacMillan, and liturgical works by Byrd, Tallis and Stravinksy. Information and tickets:

Advent Carol Services

5.45pm, 29 and 30 Nov: a feast of Advent music, including commissions from the Merton Choirbook

St Stephen's House


The Vicky Yannoula and George Lazaridis concert advertised for 27 November has been postponed until 13 February 2015.


Pitt Rivers Museum

Admission, exhibitions and events free.


5 Dec–18 Jan: Travellers’ Stories

until 8 Feb: A Well-Documented Life: James Arthur Harley (1873–1943)

until 31 Mar: My Siberian Year, 1914–15

until 3 May: Scarred/Sacred Water

Special Events

7–10pm, 21 Nov: Northern Lights

noon–3.30pm, 23 Nov: Day of Song

6.30–9.30pm, 4 Dec: AfterHours: Folklore & Storytelling

6–8pm, 11 Dec: Crafty Networking

Family-Friendly Activities

Free drop-in activities for children of all ages. An adult must accompany children at all activities.

1–4pm, 6 Dec: Pitt Stop: Have Yourself a Shiny Little Christmas

10.30am–12.30pm, 2–4pm, 11 Dec: Under-5 event: Rockin’ Reindeer

20 Dec–4 Jan: Trail: 12 Days of Christmas