• Thursday 20 November 2014
    • NO. 5078
    • VOL. 145


    Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages


    A one-day international symposium will be held from 10am (9.30am registration) on 22 November in Room 2, Taylor Institution, to mark the centenary of the birth of Italian writer Anna Maria Ortese. Registration including lunch: £10 (£5 students). To register, view programme and for enquiries email vilma.degasperin@mod-langs.ox.ac.uk.

    Subject: ' "This is my letter to the world": centenary symposium on Anna Maria Ortese (1914–98)'

    Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

    Department of Earth Sciences



    The remaining seminars in this series will now be given at noon (instead of 2pm as originally announced) on Fridays in the Lecture Theatre, Department of
    Earth Sciences.

    Professor Balz Kamber, Trinity College Dublin

    21 Nov: 'The Hadean–Archaean and Archaean–Proterozoic boundaries: giant impacts, mantle reorganisation and consequences for the ocean–atmosphere system'

    Lobanov-Rostovsky Lecture

    Professor Alessandro Morbidelli, Nice

    28 Nov: 'The formation of terrestrial planets' (joint lecture with Physics)

    Professor Dianne Edwards, Cardiff

    5 Dec: 'Did mid-Silurian to basal-Devonian land plants bioengineer the planet?'

    Social Sciences

    Saïd Business School

    Responsible Leadership Seminar

    Baroness O'Neill of Bengrave will deliver a seminar at 5.30pm on 20 November at Saïd Business School, followed by a drinks reception. To register: www.responsiblebaronessoneill.evenbrite.com.

    Subject: 'Building trust'

    Engaging with the Humanities

    Dr Pegram Harrison will deliver a seminar at 12.30pm on 3 December at Saïd Business School. A light buffet lunch will be included. To register: www.ewhstandingonthepodium.eventbrite.com.

    Subject: 'Standing on the podium: leadership lessons from musical conductors'

    Institutes, Centres and Museums

    Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies

    Professor Judith Olszowy-Schlanger, Sorbonne, will lecture at 5pm on 8 December in the Clarendon Institute, Walton Street, as part of the celebration of the centre's move to this new location.

    Subject: 'Hebrew documents from medieval England'

    Foundation for Law, Justice and Society


    The workshop discussing the constitutional complications of the ongoing political turmoil in Ukraine, due to take place from 9.30am on 28 November, will now be held in Seminar Room 2, Wolfson.

    Colleges, Halls and Societies


    A celebration of the life and work of Stuart Hall, the 'godfather of multiculturalism' and founder of the New Left Review, will be held from 2pm on Saturday, 29 November, at the T S Eliot Theatre, Merton. Speakers include: Elleke Boehmer, Jane Garnett, Michael Keith and Stephen Tuck. A panel discussion will be followed by a screening of The Stuart Hall Project, the 2013 documentary directed by John Akomfrah, and a live webcast of the memorial event in London. For full programme and registration: www.merton.ox.ac.uk/stuarthall.

    St Antony's

    Taiwan Studies Programme

    Professor Joseph Wong, Toronto, will lecture at 5pm on 25 November in the Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony's.

    Subject: 'Conceding to thrive: Taiwan's path to democracy and lessons for China'

    Dr Chun-tu Hsueh Annual Lecture

    Professor Zhiyuan Cui, Tsinghua, will lecture at 5pm on 25 November in the Pavilion Room, St Antony's.

    Subject: 'Chinese reform in light of James Meade's liberal socialism'