• Thursday 12 February 2015
    • NO. 5086
    • VOL. 145

    Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

    Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory

    Theoretical Chemistry Group seminars

    The following seminars will be given at 4.45pm on Mondays in the John Rowlinson Seminar Room (PTCL). All welcome. Convener: Professor J P K Doye

    Dr Gabor Csanyi, Cambridge

    16 Feb: 'Phase diagrams from first principles using nested sampling'

    Dr Jure Dobnikar, Cambridge

    2 Mar: 'Walking colloids and crawling bacteria'

    Medical Sciences

    Department of Experimental Psychology

    Departmental seminar Series

    The following lectures will be given at noon in Lecture Theatre C, Tinbergen Building.

    Professor Anita Thapar, Cardiff. Host: Professor Maggie Snowling

    12 Feb: 'Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: separating facts from fiction'

    Dr Christopher Petkov, Newcastle. Host:  Professor Matthew Rushworth

    26 Feb: 'Neuronal circuits for communication and cognition: insights from fMRI, EEG and neuronal recordings'

    Institutes, Centres and Museums

    Oxford Martin School

    Public Lectures

    Professor Dame Sally Davies will lecture at 5.30pm on 2 March in the Examination Schools. Followed by drinks reception. All welcome. Registration required: www.oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk/event/2056.

    Subject: 'A ticking time bomb: the infectious threat of antibiotic resistance'

    Professor Vlatko Vedral will lecture at 5pm on 4 March at the Oxford Martin School. Followed by drinks reception. All welcome. Registration required: www.oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk/event/2108.

    Subject: 'Living in a quantum world'

    Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

    The Business and Practice of Journalism seminars

    An additional lecture has been added to this series. Emma Jane Kirby, former BBC Paris correspondent, will lecture at 2pm on 27 February in the Barclay Room, Green Templeton.

    Subject: 'Jest, japes and jihad – satirists and salafists in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks'

    Rhodes House

    Tony Porter, A Call to Men UK, will speak at 5pm on 26 February at the Milner Hall, Rhodes House. Register: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tony-porter-a-call-to-men-the-next-generation-tickets-15433825989.

    Subject: 'A Call to Men – the next generation'

    Colleges, Halls and Societies


    Oliver Smithies Lecture

    Professor Stephen Brown, Professor of Church History, Boston College, will deliver the following Oliver Smithies Lectures at 5pm in Lecture Room XXIII.

    26 Feb: 'Water and politics in Europe, 1550–1750'

    4 Mar: 'Revealed religion as an intellectual discipline'

    Corpus Christi

    2015 joint BFSA/MBI Al Jaber lecture

    Professor David Khalili will lecture at 6pm on 18 March in the MBI Al Jaber Building. Followed by drinks reception. Free and open to the public. Registration required: info@mbifoundation.com. For more information see: www.ccc.ox.ac.uk/Meeting-Rooms.


    Gender, Peace and Conflict in the Medieval World colloquium

    The Keble ASC Medieval and Renaissance Cluster is organising a colloquium beginning at 2.30pm on 17 February in the Pusey Room. Convener: Dr Tracey Sowerby 

    Keble Advanced Studies Centre


    Professor Andrew Beeby, Durham, will lecture at 5pm on 25 February in the Pusey Room.

    Subject: 'Shedding light on medieval manuscripts'

    Networks Cluster Lecture

    Dr Felix Reed-Tsochas will lecture at 5pm on 26 February in the Gibbs Room.

    Subject: tbc

    Termly Lecture

    Dr Apala Majumdar, Bath, will lecture at 5.30pm on 27 February in the Roy Griffiths Room.

    Subject: 'Liquid crystals and their myriad applications'

    Creativity Cluster Lecture

    Professor Ian Hodder, Stanford, will lecture at 5pm on 2 March in the Pusey Room.

    Subject: 'Creativity and entanglement'