• Thursday 6 February 2014
    • NO. 5049
    • VOL. 144


    Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics

    General Linguistics seminar  

    The following seminars will be given at 5.15pm on Mondays in Room 2, Taylor Institution, unless otherwise noted.

    Dr Erich Round, Queensland

    Thurs, 6 Feb: 'Big data typology, linguistic phylogenetics and why data design will be crucial'

    Professor Mary Dalrymple

    10 Feb: 'The go-to construction'

    Dr Linnaea Stockall, QMUL

    17 Feb: 'I saw, I unsaw, I resaw: how we access and make use of unconscious knowledge about verbal roots'

    Professor Andreas Willi

    24 Feb: 'Of angry men and almighty gods ­– or how to tell a story in Indo-European'

    Professor Giuseppe Longobardi, York

    3 Mar: 'Language, history and the cognitive revolution’

    Oriental Institute

    Professor Kim Jongmyung, Academy of Korean Studies, Seoul, will lecture at 5pm on 13 February in Lecture Room 1, Oriental Institute.

    Subject: 'Korean kings' views on Buddhism and statecraft'

    Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

    Department of Chemistry

    Organic Chemistry Colloquia

    The following colloquia will be held at 2pm on Thursdays in the Dyson Perrins Lecture Theatre, unless otherwise noted (note change of time). All visitors welcome. For information or to meet speakers, contact Dr Stuart Conway (stuart.conway@chem.ox.ac.uk).

    Professor Hon Lam, Nottingham

    6 Feb: 'Site-selective catalytic C-H functionalisation'

    Professor A Ganesan, East Anglia

    13 Feb: 'Natural products as tools for chemical biology and drug discovery'

    Professor Nuno Maulide, Vienna

    20 Feb: 'Catalytic rearrangements as tools for bond formation'

    Dr Jonathan Goodman, Cambridge, Dr Geoff Brown, Reading, Dr Jonathan Watts, Southampton, Dr Joel Loveridge, Cardiff, Dr Steve Flower, Bath, Dr Robert Paton, and Professor Varinder Aggarwal, Bristol

    10.30am–5pm, 27 Feb, Inorganic Chemistry Lecture Theatre: RSC Organic Division South West Regional Meeting

    Professor Manfred Jung, Albert-Ludwigs

    6 Mar: 'Chemical epigenetics – probing the bookmarks of life'

    Professor Rob Field, John Innes Centre

    13 Mar:  'Dissecting carbohydrate metabolism through chemistry'

    Professor Kevin Burgess, Texas A&M

    Mon, 14 Apr: 'EKO: a method to discover small molecules to perturb protein–protein interactions'

    Medical Sciences

    Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

    Litchfield and Thomas Willis Lecture

    Professor Dennis Selkoe, Harvard, will deliver the Litchfield and Thomas Willis Lecture at 4.30pm on 13 March in Lecture Theatre 2, Academic Centre, John Radcliffe Hospital.

    Subject: 'Protein misfolding and the molecular bases of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases'

    Social Sciences

    Department of Sociology

    Additional lecture:

    Gunn Elisabeth Birkelund, Oslo, will lecture at 12.30pm on 21 March in Seminar Room G, Manor Road Building, as part of the Sociology seminar series.

    Subject: 'Ethnic scarring effects of unemployment? Results from two randomised field experiments in Norway'

    Institutes, Centres and Museums

    Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

    A special screening of President Nelson Mandela's lecture at Oxford will be held at 8.15pm on 21 February at the Grove Auditorium, Magdalen. Entry free by ticket available from www.oxcis.ac.uk/generalnews.html. Enquiries: events@oxcis.ac.uk or 01865 278730.

    Subject: 'Renaissance and renewal – towards a new world order'

    Oxford Martin School

    Public Lecture

    Baroness Helena Kennedy will deliver an Oxford Martin Public Lecture at 5.30pm on 6 March at the Oxford Martin School. All welcome but registration is required: www.oxfordmartin.ox.ac.uk/event/1802

    Subject: 'The fight for women’s rights: learning from success'

    Colleges, Halls and Societies

    All Souls

    Neill Lecture

    The Rt Hon Lady Justice Arden, PC, Member of the Court of Appeal of England and Wales and Head of International Judicial Relations for England and Wales, will deliver the 2014 Neill Lecture at 5pm on 28 February in the Examination Schools.

    Subject: 'An English judge in Europe'

    Harris Manchester

    Will Gompertz, BBC arts editor, will lecture at 5pm on 5 March in the chapel, Harris Manchester. No booking required but you are advised to arrive early to secure a place.

    Subject: 'What are you looking at? Making sense of modern art'


    Lecture series

    The following lectures will be given at 5pm on Fridays in the Junior Common Room, Mansfield. Convener: Baroness Helena Kennedy

    Joe Klein, political columnist

    7 Feb: 'Whither the special relationship?'  

    John Milton Seminar
    Will Hutton
    , Joe Klein, political columnist, and Lord Glasman, political theorist

    14 Feb: 'Is one nation politics more than a slogan?' (panel discussion)

    John Milton Fellowship Annual Lecture
    Michael Freeden
    , Nottingham

    21 Feb: 'Is liberalism on the road to perdition?'

    Joe Klein, political columnist

    28 Feb: 'What is a good citizen?'

    Sheeren El Feki, journalist and author

    7 Mar: 'Sex and the citadel: intimate life in a changing Arab world'


    Dr Katharina Mertens Fleury, Zurich, will lecture at 11.15am on 12 February in the MacGregor Room, Oriel.

    Subject:  ' "der werlt ze lere gegen himelriche". Zum Marienlob in der Literatur des 13. Jahrhunderts'


    Change of speaker:

    Dr Vikki Boliver will lecture at 5pm on 19 February in the Clay Room, Nuffield, as part of the Sociology Group seminars series.

    Subject: 'Why aren't there more British ethnic minority students at Russell Group universities?'

    St Antony's

    Programme on Modern Poland


    Professor Timothy Snyder, Yale, will lecture at 5pm on 13 March in the Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony's. Convenor: Dr Mikolaj Kunicki

    Subject: 'Poland, Ukraine and the politics of history'


    There will be a conference on 21 and 22 March at the Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony's. Places limited. To register: kaja.wawrzak@sant.ox.ac.uk. Information: www.sant.ox.ac.uk/pomp/conferences.html.

    Subject: 'Poland's peaceful revolution: looking at the Polish rountable talks 25 years later'

    South East European Studies

    Paschalis M Kitromilides, Athens, Joanna Innes, Peter Mackridge and John Robertson, Cambridge, will give a seminar at 5pm on 7 February in the Seminar Room, European Studies Centre.

    Subject: 'Enlightenment and revolution: the making of modern Greece'

    St Edmund Hall

    Philip Geddes Memorial Lecture

    Evan Davis, BBC Today programme, will deliver the annual Philip Geddes Memorial Lecture at 5pm on 14 March in the North School, Examination Schools. More information: www.seh.ox.ac.uk/events/philip-geddes-memorial-lecture-0.

    Subject: 'Adversarial journalism; seeing it from both sides'

    St John's

    St John's College Research Centre

    Change of speaker:

    Janet Sayers, Kent, will lecture at 8.15pm on 10 February in the Lecture Room, St John's College Research Centre, 45 St Giles', as part of the Interdisciplinary Seminars in Psychoanalysis series.

    Subject: 'Adrian Stokes and the portrait of Melanie Klein'