Notifications of Vacancies

  • Thursday 5 June 2014
  • NO. 5063
  • VOL. 144

Please refer to the website, or contact the email address shown, for further details of the vacancy. For a full list of vacancies in the University and colleges, see

The University is committed to equality and valuing diversity.

Colleges, Halls and Societies

Balliol; 8-hour stipendiary Lecturer in History; £16,675; 13 June;

Jesus; stipendiary Lecturership in Inorganic Chemistry; £12,507–£14,066; noon, 20 June;

Mansfield; part-time weekend Porter; £12,116; 5pm, 18 June;

St Cross; non-stipendiary Emanoel Lee Junior Research Fellowship (Medical Sciences); noon, 4 July;

St Hugh's; stipendiary Lectureship in English; noon, 27 June;

University College; 6-hour stipendiary Lecturership in Classical Languages; £12,507–£14,066 plus benefits; noon, 20 June;

Wycliffe Hall; Tutor in New Testament; £29,000 plus £15,000 housing; 27 June;

Wycliffe Hall; Tutor in Doctrine and Ministry; £29,000 plus £15,000 housing; 27 June;

External Vacancies

Newnham College, Cambridge; Bursar; 24 June;