• Thursday 5 December 2013
  • NO. 5044
  • VOL. 144

Consultative Notices

Review of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

The Joint Committee for the Recognised Independent Centres has responsibility for overseeing the operation of agreements the University has with each Recognised Independent Centre. As part of an ongoing process in which each centre is to be reviewed in turn over a period of years, the Committee is to conduct a review of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies during Hilary term 2014. The review will focus on issues covered by the agreement. The standard form of the agreement is available on request from the Secretary to the Joint Committee, Ms S Cowburn, Council Secretariat, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD (email:

The Joint Committee would welcome for its review written comments on any matters falling within the terms of the agreement. Written comments should be sent to the Secretary to the Joint Committee, Ms S Cowburn, by no later than 8 January.

General Notices

Gazette publication arrangements

The final Gazette of Michaelmas term will be published on 12 December. Publication for Hilary term will begin on 16 January. The usual deadline arrangements will apply.

University Policy and Procedures relating to Socially Responsible Investment

The University first published a Policy on Socially Responsible Investment in March 2008 supported by a series of procedures in support of its policy. The current Policy and Procedures, set out below, were approved by Council on 2 December 2013.


The University of Oxford is committed to ensuring that it makes investment decisions responsibly and with integrity. The University's Policy is to ensure that its investment decisions (including those taken on its behalf) take into account social, environmental and political issues in order to maintain its ethical standards.

Council has established a Socially Responsible Investment Review Committee ('SRIRC') to provide it with advice on this policy and its delivery. The SRIRC reports directly into Council but also has a mandate to discuss its recommendations with those bodies that have a duty of oversight for the University's investments, in particular the Investment Committee, in so far as those recommendations concern the funds for which each body has responsibility.


The University will ensure that Procedures in support of this Policy fulfill the following aims:

(a) to review regularly this Policy, and practices relating to it, to ensure that social, environmental and political issues are adequately reflected;

(b) to provide a forum for considering representations to change this Policy and/or practices relating to it on ethical grounds;

(c) to engage in responsible stewardship with its investment managers and to provide a forum for the review and monitoring of investments in the context of this Policy;

(d) to engage directly and indirectly with managers (and where possible directly with investments) to make representations concerning social, environmental and political concerns as appropriate.

Delivery of these Procedures is the joint responsibility of the SRIRC (points (a) and (b) above) and those bodies with a duty of oversight for the University's investments, in particular, the Investment Committee (points (c) and (d) above).

Industrial action

A number of staff members may have participated in strike action organised by the UCU, Unite and Unison on 3 December. Those members of staff who did participate are asked to complete a payroll deduction form and send it to the Payroll Office. The form gives authorisation for the deduction of one day's pay (calculated on the basis of 1/337 of annual salary). It can be downloaded from the Finance Division's website at

Committee on Distinction Awards for Non-clinical Professors and Readers 2013–14

The membership of the committee for 2013–14 is as follows:

Mr Vice-Chancellor (Chair)

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Personnel and Equality

The President of Magdalen

The Warden of Nuffield

The Warden of St Antony's

The Principal of St Edmund Hall

The Master of University College

The Provost of Worcester

Professor J Bell Burnell

Professor A Townsend

Professor A M Donald (University of Cambridge)

Professor D Swallow (Courtauld Institute of Art)

MSc in Neuroscience

Approval Deadlines

Essay topics must be approved by the appropriate module organiser before the deadlines given below:

Module A1: Cognitive Neuroscience: 24 March
Module A2: Learning and Memory: 21 March
Module B1: Motor Systems: 7 March
Module B2: Computational Neuroscience: no approval deadline
Module C1: CNS Development and Plasticity: 17 March

Submission deadlines

Essays must be submitted online via WebLearn (unless otherwise noted) by noon (UK time) on the deadlines given below:

Module A1: Cognitive Neuroscience: 7 April
Module A2: Learning and Memory: 4 April
Module B1: Motor Systems: 19 March
Module B2: Computational Neuroscience: 14 March (to be submitted in hard copy to Examination Schools)
Module C1: CNS Development and Plasticity: 31 March


Social Sciences

Dr Miles Larmer, BA MA Lond, PhD Sheff, Fellow of St Antony's. University Lecturer in African History. From 4 November 2013 to 3 November 2018.

Electoral Boards

Revised composition of an Electoral Board

The revised composition of the electoral board to the post below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows:

Allen & Overy Professorship of Corporate Law

  Appointed by
Chair: Dr S Mapstone (Pro-Vice-Chancellor) Mr Vice-Chancellor1
Professor K Hopt Council
Professor J Payne Council
Professor R Goodman Social Sciences Division
Professor J Armour Faculty of Law
Professor T Endicott Faculty of Law
Professor R Romano Faculty of Law
Dr S Douglas Jesus
Mr P Mirfield Jesus
1Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Statute IX, Sect 10 and 11.