Colleges, Halls and Societies

  • Thursday 3 October 2013
  • NO. 5035
  • VOL. 144

Memorial Events

New College

A Memorial Celebration will be held in New College Chapel at 2pm on Saturday, 12 October, for Penry Herbert Williams (25 February 1925–30 April 2013), MA DPhil Oxf, Fellow 1964–92, Emeritus Fellow 1992–8, Honorary Fellow 1998–2013, New College. Tea will be served in college afterwards.

All those wishing to attend are asked to email the Chapel Administrator:

St Cross

A Memorial Gathering for Godfrey Harry Stafford, CBE, FRS, Master of the College 1979–87, will be held at 4pm on 18 October in the St Cross College Hall, followed by a reception in the Saugman Room.


Christ Church

Lt Colonel John Nevin Agnew, 6 June 2013; 1940. Aged 91.

Miles Amherst, 2013; 1956. Aged 82.

John Derek Bee, July 2013; 1959. Aged 72.

(Bernard) Ian Brooke, 8 March 2013; 1944. Aged 86.

Professor David Charles Goodman, 5 July 2013; 1957. Aged 74.

Dr Michael David McCready, 2013; 1932.

Hugh le Souef Massy, 2 October 2012; 1941.

Edward Armitage Robinson, 30 May 2013; 1940. Aged 92.

Professor Keith Rose; 1971.

Dr Christopher Leo Vincenzi, 14 November 2012; 1960. Aged 73.

Michael Welbourne, 7 December 2012; 1963. Aged 79.


Dr William Maurice Sheehan (1929-2013), OFM Cap, DPhil Oxf, Warden of Greyfriars 1990–3.


Robert Dray, 16 July 2013; 1965. Aged 67.

Francis (Frank) Usher, 31 August 2013; 1959. Aged 73.

St Hugh's

Sylvia Baldwin (née Lloyd); 1955. Aged 77.

Lady Frances Berendt (née Ryder), 9 June 2013; 1944.

Elisabeth Maxwell (née Meynard), 7 August 2013; 1970. Aged 92.

Nancy Westrop (née Clegg), 23 September 2013; 1948. Aged 83.

Mrs Florence Woolven (née Bates), 2013; 1944. Aged 86.


All Souls

Visiting Fellows 2013–14

Professor Murray Batchelor, ANU. The connection between discrete holomorphicity and integrability (Theoretical Physics) (MT)

Professor Dr Hans Bernsdorff, Goethe-Universität. Anacreon of Teos, testimonia and fragments (Classics) (HT, TT)

Professor Sukanta Chaudhuri, Jadavpur. Editing A Midsummer Night's Dream for the third Arden Shakespeare (Literature) (MT, HT, TT)

Professor Carolyn Dewald, Bard College (with Rosaria Munson). Herodotus histories. Book I. Text, introduction, and commentary (Classics) (MT)

Mr Anthony Gottlieb, New York Public Library. The legacy of Wittgenstein (Philosophy) (MT, HT, TT)

Professor James Hankins, Harvard. Republics of virtue: the political thought of the Italian humanists (Carlyle Lectures, 2010)

Professor Hugh Kennedy, SOAS. The economic history of the Middle East in the early Islamic period (c600–c950 CE) (History) (MT, HT)

Professor Elena Larrauri, Pompeu Fabra. A revised jurisprudence of expunging criminal records (Law) (MT, HT, TT)

Professor Rosaria Munson, Swarthmore College (with Carolyn Dewald). Herodotus histories. Book I. Text, introduction and commentary (Classics) (MT)

Professor Martha Nussbaum, Chicago. (John Locke Lecturer) (TT)

Professor Susan Pedersen, Columbia. International politics as a vocation, 1919–39 (Ford Lectures)

Professor Giorgio Pini, Fordham. John Duns Scotus's Notabilia super Metaphysicam (a critical edition) (Philosophy) (MT, HT, TT)

Professor Carol Sanger, Columbia Law School. American abortion laws and practices (Law) (MT, HT, TT)

Professor Parker Shipton, Boston. Hierarchy of equals: sequence and circumstance in an African order (Social Anthropology) (TT)

Dr Katherine Zieman, Notre Dame. Richard Rolle's English Psalter and the formation of vernacular literary culture in 15th-century England (Literature) (TT)


Elections to Fellowships

Official Fellowship (Director of Accommodation, Catering and Conferences) from 8 May 2013:

Mr Ruedi Baumann, MA Oxf

Shaw Foundation Junior Research Fellowship in Law from 1 October 2013:

Dr Eirik Bjorge, LLM Oslo, MJur DPhil Oxf

Hugh Price Fellowship from 1 October 2013:

Dr Alderik Blom, MPhil PhD Camb, Drs Utrecht, Dipl NUI

Professorial Fellowship from 1 January 2013:

Professor Timothy Coulson, BSc York, PhD Lond

Official Fellowship and Tutorship in Experimental Psychology from 1 September 2013:

Dr Molly Crockett, BS UCLA, PhD Camb

Visiting Senior Research Fellowship 2013–14:

Dr Andrew Elliot, BA Taylor at Indiana, PhD Wisconsin

Kay Fellowship and Tutorship in Statistics from 1 September 2013:

Dr Robin Evans, BA MMath Camb, DPhil Washington at Seattle

Junior Research Fellowship in Linguistics from 1 September 2013:

Dr Gianluca Giorgolo, BA Modena and Reggio Emilia, MA Pavia, PhD Utrecht

Official Fellowship (Director of Human Resources) from 29 July 2013:

Mrs Rosalyn Green, BSc Staffs

Official Fellowship and Tutorship in Physics from 1 September 2013:

Dr Malcolm John, BSc PhD Lond

Welsh Supernumerary Fellowship for 2013–14:

Professor April McMahon, MA PhD Edin

Emeritus Fellowship from 1 July 2013:

Dr Will Moore, BSc Brist, MA DPhil Oxf, PhD Camb

Official Fellowship and Tutorship in Engineering from 1 September 2013:

Dr Stephen Morris, MPhys S’ton, DPhil Camb

Guy Newton Junior Research Fellowship in the Biosciences from 1 October 2013:

Dr Jennifer Perry, BSc Alberta, MSc Simon Fraser, PhD Toronto

Official Fellowship (Property Director) from 1 January 2013:

Mr Richard Stansfield, BSc West Eng

Senior Research Fellowship from 1 September 2013:

Professor John Wettlaufer, BSc Puget Sound, PhD Washington at Seattle