Examinations and Boards

  • Thursday 3 July 2014
  • NO. 5067
  • VOL. 144

Examinations for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

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Changes to Examination Regulations

For the complete text of each regulation listed below and a listing of all changes to regulations for this year to date, please see www.ox.ac.uk/gazette/examinationregulations.

Education Committee

03-07-14 Regulations for the Degree of DPhil (4kb)

to reduce maximum number of terms spent on the Register for which a board may approve reinstatement from 21 to 18

03-07-14 Regulations for the Degrees of MLitt and MSc (Research) (38kb)

to include requirement to submit an electronic copy of their thesis to the Oxford Research Archive for students who commenced from 1 October 2007

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Board

03-07-14 Doctor of Engineering (112kb)

(a) to update General Regulations for the DEng to bring transfer milestone timings in line with 4-year doctoral training programmes in MPLS
(b) to introduce Special Regulations for students supplicating for the DEng (rather than a DPhil) for new Renewable Energy Marine Structures Centre for Doctoral Training
(c) to delete Special Regulations for Doctor of Engineering in Engineered Metals for High Performance Applications in Aerospace and Related Technologies (course withdrawn)

03-07-14 Doctoral Training Programmes in MPLS (7kb)

to move confirmation milestone from 9th term after admission to 10th term

03-07-14 FHS of Computer Science and Philosophy (5kb)
03-07-14 FHS of Physics and Philosophy (6kb)

(a) change to list of Philosophy courses offered
(b) removal of duplication of regulations

03-07-14 Supplementary Subjects in some Final Honour Schools (6kb)

list of supplementary subjects offered in 2014–15