• Thursday 30 January 2014
    • NO. 5048
    • VOL. 144

    Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

    Department of Chemistry

    Physical Chemistry seminars

    The following seminars will be given at 2.15pm on Mondays in PTCL Lecture Theatre. All welcome. Conveners: Dr G Ritchie and Dr C Vallance

    Professor Clemens Kaminski, Cambridge

    10 Feb: tbc

    Dr D Flemming Hansen, UCL

    24 Feb: tbc

    Dr Frank Vollmer, Erlangen

    10 Mar: 'Taking detection to the limit: biosensing with optical microcavities'

    Theoretical Chemistry Group seminars

    The following seminars will be given at 4.45pm on Mondays in the John Rowlinson Seminar Room, PTCL. All welcome. Convener: Dr J P K Doye

    Professor Hirofumi Sato, Kyoto

    10 Feb: 'Methods for treating solvent effects: neither implicit nor explicit models'

    Professor Jonathan Yates

    24 Feb: tbc

    Professor Syma Khalid, Southampton

    10 Mar: 'DNA sequencing with nanopores: insights from molecular dynamic simulations'

    Mathematical Institute


    The following colloquia will be given at 4.30pm on Fridays in Lecture Theatre 1, Mathematical Institute.

    Professor Vladimir Markovic, Cambridge

    31 Jan: 'The surface subgroup problem'

    Professor Camillo De Lellis, Zürich

    28 Feb: 'Regularity and singularity of area-minimising currents'

    Social Sciences

    Saïd Business School

    Novak Druce Centre for Professional Service Firms

    The following lectures will take place at 12.30pm on Tuesdays at the Saïd Business School. A sandwich lunch will be provided at both talks. Please email bryn.harris@sbs.ox.ac.uk if you would like to attend.

    Thibaut Bardon, Audencia School of Management, Nantes

    11 Feb, Seminar Room A: 'Being a consultant: building continuity in professional identity'

    Darius Naigamwalla, CEO, Campbell Alliance

    11 Mar, Boardroom: Round-table session

    Department of International Development

    Technology and Management for Development Centre Distinguished Guest Lecture

    Mr Yong Li, Director General, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, will deliver the Technology and Management for Development Centre Distinguished Guest Lecture at 5pm on 13 February in the East School, Examination Schools.

    Subject: 'Importance of industrialisation'

    Colleges, Halls and Societies

    Corpus Christi

    British Foundation for the Study of Arabia Lecture

    Professor Michael Petraglia will deliver the BFSA Lecture at 5.30pm on 12 March in the MBI Al Jaber Building, Corpus Christi. Free and open to all, but please email info@mbifoundation.com if you plan to attend.

    Subject: 'Arabia: the central, but missing, link in world prehistory'


    Lessons in Leadership lecture

    Dr Corelli Barnet will deliver the first Lessons in Leadership Lecture at 4.30pm on Sunday, 16 February, at Exeter. The lecture series has been funded by Richard Mahoney, Honorary Fellow of Exeter, along with a lecture-related prize offered to student attendees (see 'Prizes, Grants and Funding' section below). The lecture is free and open to all members of the University; to book please email aileen.thomson@exeter.ox.ac.uk.

    Subject: 'The leadership of Sir Winston Churchill'


    Political Science seminars

    Title confirmed:

    Dr Clement Imbert will lecture at 5pm on 11 February in the Clay Room, Nuffield, as part of the Political Science seminar series.

    Subject: 'Entry, exit and candidate selection: evidence from India'