• Thursday 29 May 2014
  • NO. 5062
  • VOL. 144

Consultative Notices

Consultation on possible revisions to Statute XII

On 27 February 2014 the Personnel Committee launched a consultation of individuals and bodies within the collegiate University on the desirability of possible revisions to Statute XII, which governs the employment of academic and academic-related staff. The consultation paper is available on the Statute XII consultation website at

A set of Questions and Answers, addressing the questions that have been asked most frequently in the course of the consultation so far, has now been added to this website.

The Personnel Committee welcomes responses from all members of the University until the close of the consultation period on 4 June 2014. Responses should be sent to and should state whether the respondent wishes to remain anonymous.

Socially Responsible Investment Review Committee

Statement on the fossil fuel divestment campaign

The Socially Responsible Investment Review Committee (SRIRC) is considering a representation from Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) for divestment from all fossil fuel investments held by Oxford University Endowment Management (OUem) on behalf of Oxford University. For the text of the SRIRC’s full notice and OUSU’s resolution, see or Gazette No 5057, 24 April 2014.

The SRIRC is responsible for forming an opinion on the question of socially responsible investment that the divestment resolution raises and for advising Council accordingly. At its meeting on 6 March 2014, the SRIRC began detailed discussions on this subject and invites interested parties to submit evidence or views:

  • that might inform the committee's consideration of the question of possible divestment from companies 'that participate in exploration for and/or extraction of fossil fuel reserves'; and/or
  • on whether there are alternative ways in which the University should engage in the debate about climate change.

The SRIRC will review submissions at its next meeting on 2 July 2014, and will publish a summary of the views received on its website, ensuring that such views are given proper consideration in the eventual recommendation that is made to Council.

Interested parties should send their submissions to The deadline for submissions is 23 June. 

General Notices


Sheldonian Theatre

At the Encaenia to be held in the Sheldonian Theatre on 25 June, the Curators of the Theatre propose to allot seats as follows, and subject to availability, to those who apply for tickets:

(a) one visitor's ticket each to Heads of Houses, Canons of Christ Church, members of Council, and certain other persons holding official positions in the University;

(b) one visitor's ticket to each Professor;

(c) one ticket to each member of Convocation (ie any matriculated member of the University on whom any degree of the University has been conferred, or any member of Congregation who does not hold such a degree).

Applications for tickets in the above categories, stating the name and standing of each person for whom a ticket is requested, should be made no later than 11 June to the University Card Office, Examination Schools (email: For security reasons, all requests for tickets must state the names of the persons for whom the tickets are intended.

Tickets for all other members of the University (ie those who have not been admitted to any degree of the University) will be distributed through college authorities. All applications for tickets in this category should be made to the college authorities and not to the University Card Office.

The gates and entrances to the theatre will be opened at 10.45am and the proceedings will begin at 11.30am. Holders of tickets are requested to be in their places inside the theatre by 11.15am.

All current members of the University are required to wear subfusc and full Oxford academic dress. Doctors will wear their robes and other graduates their hoods.

St John's

Medieval vestments

The college intends to open to the public its collection of medieval vestments on Saturday, 14 June, from 2pm until 5pm.  The collection is displayed in the Garden Quadrangle and entrance, free of charge, will be via the main lodge.

Visiting Professorships

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

The Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Zoology upon Luke Alphey, BSc Camb, PhD Dund, for a further period of 3 years from 1 May 2014.

The Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Epidemiology upon David L Smith, MS Brigham Young, MA PhD Princeton, for a period of 3 years from 17 May 2014.

The Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Board has conferred the title of Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor in the Principles of Civil Engineering Design upon Richard Snell, BSc Leeds, FICE, FIStructE, FRAE, for a further period from 1 May 2014 until 30 June 2016.

Medical Sciences

The Medical Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor of Statistical Genetics on Professor Andrew Morris, BSc MSc PhD R'dg, for a period of 3 years from 1 June 2014.

Social Sciences

Re-conferment of title

Professor David Andrich, BEd MEd Western Australia, PhD Chicago. Visiting Professor of Educational Assessment, Department of Education. From 1 May 2014 to 30 April 2016.

Dr Richard Jones, BSc PhD Imp. Visiting Professor, School of Geography and the Environment. From 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2017.

Musical and other Events

St John's

Organ recital

A recitail will take place in St John's chapel at 5.30pm on Saturday, 7 June, by Konstantin Reymaier, Head of the Diocesan Department of Church Music in the Archdiocese of Vienna, featuring works by C P E Bach, Hasse and Froberger. Entry is free, and tickets are available from the lodge.

St Stephen's House

SJE Arts

The following events will take place at St John the Evangelist church, 109A Iffley Road. For more information see:

7.30pm, 13 Jun: Classic acoustic folk and blues with legendary guitarists John Renbourn (Pentangle) and Wizz Jones (an early influence on Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and John Renbourn), performing their own solo material and as a duo. Tickets: £17 in advance from or Truck Store, Cowley Road; £20 on the door.

7.30pm, Sat 14 Jun: 'Something Rich and Strange'. Choral music inspired by Shakespeare's The Tempest performed by Commotio, featuring a new composition by John Duggan. Tickets: £12 (£6 concessions) from

7.30pm, 18 Jun: Adderbury Ensemble Cocktail Concert. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, Mendelssohn's Piano Trio No 2, Mozart's Piano Trio: Viv McLean (piano), Chris Windass (violin), Katherine Sharman (cello). Tickets: £15 (£5 students) from, or 01865 305305.

8pm, Sat 21 Jun: Oxford Bach Choir. Rachmaninov's Vespers: All Night Vigil and Piano Preludes: Op 23: Cathy Bell (alto), Nicholas Madden (tenor), Andrew Thompson (bass). Deacon, conductor and pianist: Timothy Byram-Wigfield.
Tickets: £10–£30 from, 01865 242865; or, 01865 305305.

8pm, 27 Jun: Celebrate with the Oxford Gospel Choir. Choir with a small band and soloists perform a programme of gospel and popular vocal styles. Tickets: £12 (£10 concessions) from