Council and Main Committees

  • Thursday 27 February 2014
  • NO. 5052
  • VOL. 144

Congregation25 February

(1) Declaration of Approval of Resolutions approving the conferment of Honorary Degrees

No notice of opposition having been given, Mr Vice-Chancellor declared the resolutions approving the conferment of honorary degrees approved.

(2) Presentation of the Annual Review of the University

The Annual Review of the University for 2012–13 (Supplement *1 to Gazette, Vol 144, January 2014) was declared presented.

Council of the University

Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Eyre, D W, Green Templeton

Hope, H, Magdalen

Ives, M C, Faculty of Anthropology and Geography

Jeffers, E S, Jesus

Kiefer, S M, Faculty of Computer Science

Pinkert, F C, Lincoln

Scott, C M, St Hilda’s

Weiss, D J, Faculty of Zoology

Zivny, S, University College

Divisional and Faculty Boards

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