Notifications of Vacancies

  • Thursday 20 March 2014
  • NO. 5055
  • VOL. 144

Please refer to the website, or contact the email address shown, for further details of the vacancy. For a full list of vacancies in the University and colleges, see

The University is committed to equality and valuing diversity.

University of Oxford

School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies in association with Lady Margaret Hall; Associate Professorship (or Professorship) in the Economy of China; from £43,745; noon, 22 April;

Faculty of Law in association with Mansfield; Associate Professor of Civil Procedure; £43,745–£58,739 plus college housing allowance, currently £7,620; noon, 14 April; (vacancy ID: 112281)

Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages; Professor of German Medieval and Linguistic Studies; 28 April;

Nuffield Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences; Professorship of Musculoskeletal Sciences and Directorship of the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology; 22 April;

University of Oxford and the Cameron Mackintosh Fund for Student Drama; 1-year University Drama Officer; £17,678; 2 May;

Colleges, Halls and Societies

Brasenose; stipendiary Lecturer in Physical Chemistry; £12,507–£14,066 plus allowances; 28 April;

Brasenose; stipendiary Lecturer in Classics; £16,511–£18,569 plus allowances; 28 April;

Jesus; Communications and Development Officer; £20,374–£23,585; 26 March;

Lincoln; 1-year 6-hour stipendiary Lecturership in Economics; £12,507–£14,066; 7 April;

Merton; Junior Dean for Welfare; £3,656 plus benefits; noon, 7 April;

Pembroke; Junior Dean; from £1,794; 28 April;

Pembroke; Conference and Event Manager; 14 April;

Queen's; College Career Development Fellowship in English; 25 April;

Queen's; stipendiary Lecturership in German; noon, 23 April;

Queen's; Junior Research Fellowship in the History of the Great War; noon, 28 April;

St Anne's; Clayman Junior Research Fellowship in Politics and Political Ideas; £21,150; noon, 17 April;

St Anne's; stipendiary Lecturer in Classics; £19,319; noon, 22 April;

St Anne's; Kathleen Bourne Junior Research Fellowship in any French subject; £21,150; noon, 15 April;

St Hilda's; 1-year stipendiary Lecturer in Economics (from 1 October 2014); £12,506–£14,066;  noon, 14 April;

St John's; Supernumerary Teaching Fellowship in Law; £26,527–£34,565 plus benefits; 18 April;

University College; Academic Registrar; £29,837–£36,661 plus benefits; noon, 18 April;

Worcester; part-time Admissions and Access Officer (maternity cover); £29,837–£36,661 pro rata; 17 April;

External Vacancies

Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies; Senior Fellowship; 15 April;

University of Cambridge; Lucasian Professorship of Mathematics; 15 April;

University of Cambridge; Professorship of Respiratory Biology; 15 April;