• Thursday 17 October 2013
    • NO. 5037
    • VOL. 144


    History of Art Department

    The seminars in the following two series will be given at 5pm on Thursdays in the lecture theatre, 2nd Floor, Littlegate House, St Ebbe's.

    Art History research seminar

    Conveners: Dr H Grootenboer, Dr M Leino, Oxford Brookes, and Dr C Whistler

    Dr Glyn Davies, V&A

    17 Oct: 'New discoveries in Gothic ivories and Embriachi carvings at the V&A'

    Dr Helena Chance, Bucks New

    31 Oct: ' "The Factory in a Garden": picturesque and pictorial landscapes for labour in the early 20th century'

    Fiona Gatty

    14 Nov: 'Fleshing out: Winckelmann and the feminine subjective'

    Dr Mercedes Ceron, British Library

    28 Nov: 'Mere fragments are all that can be hoped for: Francis Douce (1757–1834) and the Gothic Revival'

    Departmental research seminar

    Convenor: Dr H Grootenboer

    Professor Bronwen Wilson, UEA

    24 Oct: 'Human and animal conversions, c1600'

    Dr Richard Taws, UCL

    7 Nov: 'Coding commerce in post-revolutionary France'

    Dr Alex Bremner, Edinburgh

    21 Nov: 'Architecture, religion and British global expansion in the 19th century: rethinking empire and the built environment'

    Dr Emily Guerry

    5 Dec: 'Dying in Paris: the iconography of Christian martyrdom in the Sainte-Chapelle'

    Social Sciences

    Department of International Development

    Contemporary South Asian Studies Programme Seminar

    The following seminars will be given on Thursdays at 2pm in Seminar Room 2, Queen Elizabeth House, 3 Mansfield Road, unless otherwise noted. Conveners: Nikita Sud and Indrajit Roy

    Vivek Chibber, NYU

    2.30pm, Seminar Room 1, 16 Oct: 'Two steps back: the false promise of postcolonial theory'

    Maya Tudor

    24 Oct: 'Origins and path-dependencies of democracy in India and autocracy in Pakistan'

    Rajesh Venugopal, LSE

    31 Oct: 'Violence and moral panic in post-war Sri Lanka'

    Faisal Devji

    4pm, 6 Nov, Meeting Room A: 'Pakistan as a political idea'

    Dwayne R Menezes, Cambridge

    14 Nov: 'The imperial march: the Catholic British subjects of South Kanara across the anglophone world, 1890–1950'

    Subhasis Dey, Manchester

    21 Nov: 'Workfare programme and household economic security: findings from household panel data on world's largest workfare programme of India, MG-NREGS'

    Bhabhani S Nayak, Glasgow Caledonian

    28 Nov: 'Hindu modes of accumulation in the Bhagavad Gita'

    Ben R Campbell, Durham

    5 Dec: 'Niches and knotty peripheries: situating energy transitions in Nepal'

    Colleges, Halls and Societies


    Advanced Studies Centre: Creativity lecture and book launch

    Professor Colin Renfrew, Cambridge, will lecture at 5pm on 25 October at the O'Reilly Theatre, Keble, followed by a drinks reception and book launch for How things shape the mind: a theory of material engagement by Dr Lambros Malafouris. All welcome.

    Subject: 'Material engagements: from early prehistory to contemporary art'

    St John's

    St John's College Research Centre Lecture

    Dame Athene Donald, Professor of Physics, Cambridge, will deliver the 2013 St John's College Research Centre Lecture at 5pm on 31 October in the College Auditorium, Garden Quad. The lecture and following drinks reception are open to all.

    Subject: 'Being creative with the physics of our everyday world'