Notifications of Vacancies

  • Thursday 15 May 2014
  • NO. 5060
  • VOL. 144

Please refer to the website, or contact the email address shown, for further details of the vacancy. For a full list of vacancies in the University and colleges, see

The University is committed to equality and valuing diversity.

University of Oxford

Blavatnik School of Government in association with Pembroke; Associate Professorship (or Professorship) in Behavioural Science and Public Policy; from £43,745; noon, 9 June;

Colleges, Halls and Societies

Balliol; Chaplain and Welfare Officer; salary negotiable; noon, 12 June;

Exeter; fixed-term Queen Sofia Fellowship and Lecturership in Spanish (Transatlantic/Transcultural); £27,318–£29,837 plus £8,153 housing allowance; noon, 4 June;

Exeter; non-stipendiary Visiting Fellowship; noon, 30 May;

Hertford; Junior Dean; £1,700; 6 June;

Lady Margaret Hall; Principal; 15 June; or

Mansfield; Junior Dean (from September 2014); £3,000 plus on-site accommodation; noon, 30 May; 

Mansfield; Graduate Assistant (from September 2014); on-site accommodation and duty payments; noon, 30 May; 

New College; Admissions and Access Administrator (from 15 September); £26,527–£31,644; 30 May;

Oriel; Graduate Teaching and Research Scholar in Computer Science; 26 May;

Regent's Park; Development Officer; £20,000–£26,750; 30 May;

St Anne's; Domestic Bursar; £63,000 including allowances; 26 May;

St Edmund Hall; Academic Administrator; £37,756–£49,216; noon, 23 May;

St Edmund Hall; Assistant Academic Administrator; £23,585–£30,728; noon; 23 May;

St Edmund Hall; Sub-Dean; free college accommodation; 23 May;

St Hugh's; stipendiary Lectureship in Classics; 4 June;

Wadham; Access and Admissions Administrator (maternity cover); noon, 2 June;

Wadham; Academic Records Manager; £26,527–£31,644; noon, 5 June;

External Vacancies

Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge; College Teaching Officer in Law; £32,559; noon, 3 June;

Murray Edwards College, Cambridge; 5-year College Lectureship and Fellowship in Mathematics (from 1 September 2014); up to £38,908 plus benefits; noon, 6 June;

St John's College, Cambridge; 5-year fixed-term College Associate Lectureship and Fellowship in English; £33,562–£37,756 plus benefits; 2 June;

Wolfson College, Cambridge; College Teaching Officer post in Law (from 1 October 2014); £24,289–£28,132; 30 May;