• Thursday 12 June 2014
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    Institutes, Centre and Museums

    Environmental Change Institute

    Oxford Energy Conference on Transformative Change

    The second annual Oxford Energy Conference on Transformative Change will take place on 17 June in the Mathematical Institute to bring together alumni from the energy sector, senior University researchers and others. Speakers include: Charles Soothill, Belinda Perriman, James Cameron, Mark Fulton, Dr Tony White, Ben Moxham, Richard Moore, Professor Nigel Brandon, Professor Peter Pearson, Professor Steven Cowley, Tony Roulstone, Professor David Banister, Professor Doyne Farmer, Professor Peter Grindrod, Professor Cameron Hepburn, Dr Henry Snaith, Dr Malcolm McCulloch, Mike Mason and Malcolm Keay. For more information and to register: www.energy.ox.ac.uk/change.

    Colleges, Halls and Societies

    St Edmund Hall

    A B Emden Lecture

    Postponement: please note change of date
    Professor Peter Mandler, President of the Royal Historical Society and Professor of Modern Cultural History, University of Cambridge, will now deliver the annual A B Emden Lecture at 5pm on 25 November in the Jarvis Doctorow Hall, St Edmund Hall.

    Subject: 'The crisis of the meritocracy: education and democracy in modern Britain'