• Thursday 12 June 2014
  • NO. 5064
  • VOL. 144

Contested elections12 June

The following elections will be contested.

Council (Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences and Medical Sciences Divisions)

One member of Congregation elected by Congregation from members of the faculties in the divisions of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences and of Medical Sciences

Current/Retiring Member To hold office until
Professor P A Robbins, Queen's MT 2018

The following nominations have been received:

Helen McShane, BSc MB BS PhD Lond, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Nominated by:

R Waller, Principal of Harris Manchester, Faculty of Theology
A M Buchan, Corpus Christi, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
K E Davies, Hertford, Faculties of Biochemistry, of Physiological Sciences, and of Clinical Medicine
P J Donnelly, St Anne's, Faculty of Statistics
L J Gullifer, Harris Manchester, Faculty of Law
A V S Hill, Magdalen, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
J S Payne, Merton, Faculty of Law
L Tarassenko, St John's, Faculty of Engineering Science
I M C Tracey, Pembroke, Faculties of Psychological Studies, and of Clinical Medicine
E S C Weiner, Kellogg, Faculty of English Language and Literature

Candidate statement:

For the last 13 years I have led a research group in the University, currently consisting of 20 people, combining basic immunology and the development of new vaccines against tuberculosis. This has translated basic science to address a major global public health problem. For this research I initiated and maintained international collaborations in Europe, the US, and Africa. From 2008 I led a consortium of funders, universities and industry, which tested one of our new vaccines in a trial of 3000 South African infants, with a budget of US$30m.

I would hope that the skills I have developed in leading such collaborations: an ability to engage with ethical, financial and regulatory issues and frameworks, the judgement to identify where trade-offs are needed, and the ability to focus the skills of many disciplines and partner organisations on a common goal, would also be helpful for the work of Council.

Balancing the strengths of a University where pooling skills and resources may achieve the greatest research impact, with maintaining the strengths of independent Colleges and disciplines, is essential. Maintaining excellence in teaching whilst being one of the world's leading research universities is a balance Council has to help optimise. A Fellow of Harris Manchester College, I lecture and supervise undergraduates, MSc students and DPhil students and am a consultant HIV physician.

I am committed to the principles of transparency of process, fairness and consistency. I would be delighted to have the privilege of serving the wider collegiate University by sitting on Council.

Michael Wooldridge, BSc CNAA, PhD Manc, Faculty of Computer Science

Nominated by:

J D Bone, Master of Balliol, Faculty of English Language and Literature
W N Hutton, Principal of Hertford
A M Etheridge, Magdalen, Faculties of Statistics, and of Mathematics
P S Grant, St Catherine's, Faculty of Materials
A N Halliday, Wadham, Faculty of Earth Sciences
S D Howison, Christ Church, Faculty of Mathematics
A W Roscoe, University College, Faculty of Computer Science

Candidate statement:

I am a Professor of Computer Science, and a Fellow of Hertford College. My research area is artificial intelligence, and my main research interests could be described as building computers that can collectively solve problems, in much the same way that human teams do. I joined Oxford with an ERC Advanced Grant that funds my research for five years. Before Oxford, I was a Professor at the University of Liverpool for 12 years, where I was Head of Department and then Head of School. I served on University Council at Liverpool for six years. I will be Head of the Department of Computer Science with effect from October 2014, and I serve on MPLS Divisional Board. I was lead author of Liverpool’s Computer Science RAE submissions in 2001 and 2008; at Oxford, I wrote the REF-2014 environment statement for my Department.

Serving on Council is an enormous responsibility for an institution of Oxford’s international standing, and a huge challenge given the size, diversity, and byzantine complexity of the collegiate university. If elected, I would aim to challenge thinking that does not respect or advance our core academic values. I would strive to maintain and support all that is good about our unique historical environment, while accepting that we work in the modern world, with pressures and challenges that previous generations could never have anticipated. Above all, I would aim to be open-minded and non-partisan, representing the best interests of the whole collegiate university.

Council (non-divisional)

One member of Congregation, not necessarily being a member of any division and not in any case being nominated in a divisional capacity, elected by Congregation

Current/Retiring Member To hold office until
Dr H R Dorkins, St Peter's  MT 2018

The following nominations have been received:

Judith Maltby, BA Illinois, MA Oxf, PhD Camb, Fellow of Corpus Christi, Faculties of History, and of Theology

Nominated by:

N D Brown, Principal of Linacre, Faculty of Plant Sciences
E J Garnett
, Wadham, Faculty of History
D MacCulloch
, St Cross, Faculties of History, and of Theology
P E McCullough
, Lincoln, Faculty of English Language and Literature
L A Roper
, Oriel, Faculty of History
J L Watts
, Corpus Christi, Faculty of History
W H Whyte
, St John's, Faculty of History
L H Zedner
, Corpus Christi, Faculty of Law

Candidate statement:

The governance structures of the University of Oxford are complex and inter-locking. If elected to Council, my hope would be to bring to its deliberations a substantial knowledge of its structures in both in the central and collegiate University. The self-governance and individuality of the colleges, as well as the self-governance of the University is to be valued and celebrated: Oxford’s future is best secured in constructive collaboration between its constituent parts.

My relevant experience for serving on Council on behalf of Congregation includes: service as Junior Proctor (2004–5); Chair of the Management Committee for the University Counselling Service; membership of the Lucas Review of the Permanent Private Halls (2007) as well as current membership of the Supervisory Committee for the PPHs. I was recently Chair of the Graduate Committee for Conference of Colleges and am currently Vice-chair of the University’s Personnel Committee. I am familiar with giving tutorials, examining and supervising doctoral students. In my own college, I have served as Tutor for Graduates and my work as a college chaplain and Dean of Welfare ensures that I have daily inter-action with undergraduates and graduates on non-academic matters and informs the work I do in the areas of welfare, equality and diversity in the wider University.

Anne E Trefethen, PhD RMCS Cranfield, Fellow of St Cross

Nominated by:

N J Emptage, Lincoln, Faculty of Physiological Sciences
S L Mapstone, St Hilda's, Faculty of English Language and Literature
J A Noble, St Hilda's, Faculty of Engineering Science
R Ovenden, Balliol, Faculty of History
P Tufano, Balliol, Faculty of Management
S C West, Magdalen, Humanities Division

Candidate statement:

As Director of the Oxford e-Research Centre (OeRC), for six years I led the development of an interdisciplinary research centre focussed on digital research collaborating with researchers across the four Divisions.

The Centre creates an environment where interdisciplinary collaborations can flourish, and which stimulates the synergy of discipline research questions and technology innovations, allowing us to consider questions that are beyond the reach of any one discipline. This leads directly to engagement with – and therefore attracts funding from – all the research councils (AHRC, BBSRC, EPSRC, ESRC, MRC) and JISC, as well as industry and the EU.

While Director of OeRC I became a member of the University Research Committee and I am now also a Curator of University Libraries.

In 2012 I was appointed Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the University. This has proved a challenging but rewarding role where I have worked with colleagues to facilitate significant organisational change and a new approach to IT. I have led the development of the University IT Strategic Plan, and since IT now touches almost everything we do, this has meant engagement with colleges, departments, and administration.

If elected, I would bring to Council a leadership style that is consultative and collaborative, with a focus on clear decision-making. I believe my experience in a diversity of roles will prove valuable in determining approaches to the challenges we face.

Note: Full details of Council's remit, composition, functions and powers can be found at: www.admin.ox.ac.uk/statutes/783-121.shtml.

Elected members of Council will ordinarily be expected to serve on a small number of other committees (typically between one and three, usually including at least one of the main committees of Council: ie PRAC, GPC, Education Committee, Personnel Committee, Research Committee).

For further information, please contact the Deputy University Secretary (emma.rampton@admin.ox.ac.uk).

Other Committees and University Bodies

Visitors of the Ashmolean Museum

Two members of Congregation elected by Congregation

Current/Retiring Member To hold office until
Vacancy MT 2018
Vacancy MT 2018

The following nominations have been received:

Craig Clunas, MA Camb, PhD Lond, Fellow of Trinity, Faculties of History, and of Oriental Studies

Nominated by:

C P H Brown, Worcester, Ashmolean Museum
R R R Smith, Lincoln, Faculty of Classics, Sub-faculty of Archaeology
I A Walmsley, St Hugh's, Faculty of Physics
S C West, Magdalen, Humanities Division

Candidate statement:

Since appointment to the Chair of the History of Art in 2007, I have already served one term as a visitor of the Ashmolean Museum, which I now seek to renew for a further term. I have also served as Chair of the Ashmolean Museum’s research and teaching committee since 2012, and was a member of the Committee on Museums and Scientific Collections from 2009–2012. I have relevant expertise in the Museums sector, having begun my career in a national museum (I was a curator of Chinese art at the Victoria and Albert Museum from 1979 to 1994), and being currently involved in a curatorial partnership with the British Museum. I am strongly committed to upholding the Ashmolean Museum’s role as one central to the teaching and research activities of the university, as well as to its interaction with and enrichment of local, national and international communities. I am particularly concerned to see the museum function effectively as a centre of world-leading research in the disciplines of art and archaeology, and to see that research brought to a wide audience through the medium of outstanding exhibitions, as well as through publication. I believe that for these reasons I am fitted to make a contribution to the Ashmolean Museum’s effective governance, and to ensuring its continued position as the world’s pre-eminent university museum.

Ashok I Handa, MB BS Lond, MA status Oxf, Fellow of St Catherine's, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Nominated by:

R W Ainsworth, Master of St Catherine's, Faculty of Engineering Science
L E Fawcett, St Catherine's, Faculty of Social Studies
R J Parish, St Catherine's, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages
A G Rosser, St Catherine's, Faculty of History

Candidate statement:

I am the University Tutor in Surgery and a Vascular Surgeon. I am the Tutor for Graduates for St Catherine's College and as part of this chair the Graduate Scholarships panels for both Arts and Sciences panels.

I have served on a number of committees including the Visitors of the Science Museum and the Board of the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine. I have chaired a number of committees in the NHS as well as exam boards in the Medical School.

I would bring a different dimension to the Ashmolean Museum from a medical sciences background as I believe in the enormous strengths of a broad University education rather than a purely vocational perspective.

Mark Jones, BA Oxf, MA Lond, Master of St Cross

Nominated by:

C P H Brown, Worcester, Ashmolean Museum
R R R Smith, Lincoln, Faculty of Classics, Sub-Faculty of Archaeology
I A Walmsley, St Hugh's, Faculty of Physics
S C West, Magdalen, Humanities Division

Candidate statement:

The Ashmolean Museum, with its great collections, wonderful new building and displays and its strong programme seems to me a great asset to the University. As someone with experience as a curator in the British Museum, and as a former director of the National Museum of Scotland and more recently the Victoria and Albert Museum, I hope that I could bring useful experience to the role of Visitor. I am interested in the academic purpose of museums, in particular the way in which objects can be understood and used as historical evidence, and collections can be made more widely available for teaching and research through the development of better storage and facilities for students. But I also believe that, in a period when there is so much emphasis on driven and purposeful activity, museums should remain palaces of wonder and places of contemplation and repose. The Ashmolean needs resources to do its job properly so I am also keen to see the museum continue to increase its already impressive visit numbers by reaching those who are not habitual visitors, and to help find ways to increase income generation from commercial activities and donations.

Helen Leith Spencer, BA Newc, MA DPhil Oxf, Fellow of Exeter, Faculty of English Language and Literature

Nominated by:

F A Cairncross, Rector of Exeter, University Offices
C A J Ballinger, Exeter
H R Dorkins, St Peter's, Faculty of Physiological Sciences
A B Zavatsky, St Edmund Hall, Faculty of Engineering Science

Candidate statement:

I was formerly a Visitor of the Ashmolean in 2012–13 when I served as Assessor. It was a great privilege to become familiar with the workings of this great museum and to be able to contribute to the discussions taking place in a time of change. This was the year in which the museum established its subsidiary at Broadway, as part of a wide-ranging programme of outreach activities, including open evenings and other events to encourage students and local residents to become familiar with what the Ashmolean has to offer; it was also the year of massive fund-raising to purchase Monet’s ‘Mlle. Klaus’, along with other significant acquisitions. There was also an exciting programme of exhibitions. The museum was also beginning to explore ways in which it could enhance its holdings of C20th and C21st visual art, and display more of this material.

If elected as a Visitor, I would do my part to encourage these and other initiatives. I am especially concerned that the Ashmolean, in common with the other museums in Oxford, lacks the high-quality storage facility which is urgently needed to preserve its important collections, and provide extra space for teaching and conservation. I would hope to be able to encourage further initiatives in using the museum’s materials for teaching within the university across different subjects. As a medievalist, I am keenly aware of the benefits of dialogue between literature and the arts; I am also a practising painter who has exhibited in Oxford and elsewhere.

Note: Further information on the Visitors can be found at: www.admin.ox.ac.uk/statutes/regulations/489-112.shtml.

For further information, please contact the Secretary (christopher.brown@ashmus.ox.ac.uk).


Nominations in writing for the elections on 12 June, by four members of Congregation other than the candidate, were received by the Elections Office, at the University Offices, Wellington Square, up to 4pm on Thursday, 15 May.

Candidates were invited to include, with their nomination forms, a written statement of no more than 250 words setting out his or her reasons for standing and qualifications for the office being sought. These statements are now available online at www.admin.ox.ac.uk/elections and are published in this issue of the Gazette. Please note that nominees' college affiliations are only given where the nominee is a governing body fellow of their college.

Ballot papers have been sent out to members of Congregation. Completed ballot papers must be received by the Elections Office not later than 4pm on Thursday, 12 June.

For further information, please contact the Elections Officer (shirley.mulvihill@admin.ox.ac.uk).