• Thursday 4 October 2012
  • NO. 5000
  • VOL. 143

Consultative notices

Invitation from Bodleian Libraries

Consultation on Strategic Plan (2013–17)

Bodleian Libraries are holding a number of meetings to consult with members of Congregation, students and other readers on its proposed Strategic Plan for 2013–17. The Strategic Plan, being developed in line with the University's strategic plan, is currently in draft format.

Details of event times and locations are below. Please note that the meeting on 24 October is intended principally as consultation with members of Congregation, while the 29 October meeting is intended for students and will be coordinated by OUSU. Please visit to access the current strategic plan and the proposed draft plan. For any queries, please email


11 am–1 pm, 24 Oct: Bernard Sunley Lecture Theatre, St Catherine's  


5–7 pm, 29 Oct: Martin Wood Lecture Theatre, Department of Physics

General notices

Policy on the Management of Research Data and Records

Council approved a new policy on the management of research data and records at its meeting on 9 July, to take immediate effect.

1. The University of Oxford seeks to promote the highest standards in the management of research data and records1 as fundamental to both high-quality research2 and academic integrity.

2. The University recognises that accurate and retrievable research data are an essential component of any research project and necessary to verify and defend, when required, the process and outcomes of research. Research data are valuable to researchers for the duration of their research, and may well have long-term value for research, teaching and for wider exploitation for the public good, by individuals, government, business and other organisations, as a project develops and after research results have been published.

3. The University acknowledges its obligations under research funders' data-related policy statements3 and codes of practice to ensure that sound systems are in place to promote best practice, including through clear policy, guidance, supervision, training and support.

4. Researchers4, departments/faculties, divisions, central administrative units and service providers and, where appropriate, research sponsors and external collaborators, need to work in partnership to implement good practice and meet relevant legislative, research funder and regulatory requirements.

5. Research data and records should be:

(a) accurate, complete, authentic and reliable;

(b) identifiable, retrievable and available when needed;

(c) secure and safe;

(d) kept in a manner that is compliant with legal obligations and, where applicable, the requirements of funding bodies and project-specific protocols approved under the University Policy on the Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Human Participants and Personal Data5; and

(e) able to be made available to others in line with appropriate ethical, data-sharing and open-access principles.

6. Research data and records should be retained for as long as they are of continuing value to the researcher and the wider research community, and as long as specified by research funder, patent law, legislative and other regulatory requirements. The minimum retention period for research data and records is three (3) years after publication or public release of the work of the research. In many instances, researchers will resolve to retain research data and records for a longer period than the minimum requirement.

7. Where research is supported by a contract with or a grant to the University that includes specific provisions regarding ownership and retention of and access to data, the provisions of that agreement will take precedence.

8. If research data and records are to be deleted or destroyed, either because the agreed period of retention has expired or for legal or ethical reasons, this should be done so in accordance with all legal, ethical, research funder and collaborator requirements and with particular concern for confidentiality and security.

9. Researchers are responsible for:

  • managing research data and records in accordance with the principles and requirements in 5–8 above;
  • developing and documenting clear procedures for the collection, storage, use, re-use, access and retention or destruction of the research data and records associated with their research. This shall include, where appropriate, defining protocols and responsibilities in a joint or multi-institution collaborative research project. This information should be incorporated, where appropriate, in a research data management plan;
  • planning for the ongoing custodianship (at the University or using third-party services) of their data after the completion of the research or, in the event of their departure or retirement from the University, reaching agreement with the head of department/faculty (or his/her nominee) as to where such data will be located and how this will be stored; and
  • ensuring that any requirements in relation to research data and records management placed on their research by funding bodies or regulatory agencies or under the terms of a research contract with the University are also met.

10. The University is responsible for:

  • providing access to services and facilities for the storage, backup, deposit and retention of research data and records that allow researchers to meet their requirements under this policy and those of the funders of their research;
  • providing researchers with access to training, support and advice in research data and records management; and
  • providing the necessary resources to those operational units charged with the provision of these services, facilities and training.

11. The University's Research and Information Sub-Committee, a sub-committee of the University Research Committee, is responsible for guiding the development and updating of this policy.

Relationship with existing policies

12. This policy will operate in conjunction with other University policies such as:

1 Research data and records are defined as the recorded information (regardless of the form or the media in which they may exist) necessary to support or validate a research project’s observations, findings or outputs.

2 Research is defined as per the Frascati manual, ie creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications.

3 An overview of the major research funders' data policies is available at See also the RCUK Common Principles on Data Policy (2011) at

4 Researchers are defined as members of the University including staff and doctoral students, and those who are not members of the University but who are conducting research on University premises or using University facilities.


Facilities available to retired members of University staffBotanic Garden

Retired members of staff in receipt of a University pension (whether under or over 75, and whether or not they are a member of a faculty or of Congregation) are able to obtain a retired staff card, which gives them access to a very wide range of facilities. See for details.

Provided a valid card is held, the privileges offered include continued access to University libraries, access to OUCS and its email services, free entrance to the Botanic Garden, the ability to apply for membership of the University Club on Mansfield Road, and discounted membership of the University sports club at Iffley Road. Retired staff are also welcomed at the Language Centre.


Social Sciences


Dr K von Papp, LLM Columbia, Dr phil Heidelberg. Fellow of St Hilda's. Erich Brost Career Development Fellow in German and European Law. From 1 October 2012 to 30 September 2015.

Dr P Yowell, BA Baylor, BCL MPhil DPhil Oxf. Fellow of Oriel. Title of CUF Lecturer in Law. From 1 October 2012 to 30 September 2017.

Mr C Hare, BA LLM Camb, BCL Oxf. Fellow of Somerville. University Lecturer (CUF) in Law. From 1 October 2012 to 30 September 2017.


Dr C Leaver, MA East Ang, PhD Brist.  University Lecturer in Economics and Public Policy. Transfer from Department of Economics to Blavatnik School of Government from 1 September 2012.

Visiting Professorships

Medical Sciences

Conferral of title

The Medical Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor of Target Discovery on Professor I Kola, BSc, BPharm, PhD, for a period of 3 years from 24 September 2012.

The Medical Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor of Developmental Biology on Professor P Wappner, MSc, PhD, for a period of 3 years from 24 September 2012.

Reconferral of title

The Medical Sciences Board has re-conferred the title of Visiting Professor of Drug Discovery and Therapy on Professor G Cooper, BSc BSc (Hum Biol) MB ChB DPhil Dip Obst Oxf, FRCPA, FRSNZ, for a further period of five years from 1 April 2012.   

The Medical Sciences Board has re-conferred the title of Visiting Professor of Neuropharmacology  on Professor L Iversen, BA PhD Camb, for a further period of five years from 1 June 2012. 

Electoral Boards

Composition of an Electoral Board

The composition of the electoral board to the post below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows:

Sanjaya Lall Visiting Professorship in Business and Development   

  Appointed by
The Rector of Exeter (Chair) Mr Vice-Chancellor1
The Principal of Green Templeton ex officio
Professor Sir Richard Peto Green Templeton
Professor R J Goodman Social Sciences Divisional Board
Professor E V K FitzGerald Social Sciences Divisional Board
Professor P Tufano Social Sciences Divisional Board
Professor S D Whitefield Social Sciences Divisional Board
Professor B C Madrian, Harvard Kennedy School Council
Professor H Schmitz, Institute of Development Studies, Sussex Council
1Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Statute IX, Sect 10 and 11.

Musical Events


Organ and Choral Recital

Martin Kondziella and the Newman Consort will perform works by Widor, Franck, Josquin, and Isaac at 2 pm on 6 October in Exeter College Chapel. Admission free, with retiring collection. For further details:

Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages

The London Handel Players will peform 'Music from the Court of Frederick the Great. Tercentenary Concert' at 8 pm on 17 October in the Sheldonian Theatre. Tickets from Tickets Oxford, or tel Oxford 305305.


Organ Recitals are held on Wednesdays at 1.10 pm during full term.

Eglesfield Musical Society recitals are held on Saturdays at 1.30 pm during full term.

Choral Services are held Sunday, Wednesday and Friday at 6.15 pm during full term.

Further details may be found on the college website:


Bodleian Library

A display about Frederick the Great will be in the Proscholium at the Bodleian Library from 4 October to 11 November.