• Thursday 31 January 2013
    • NO. 5013
    • VOL. 143


    Faculty of Theology and Religion

    Wilde Lectures in Natural and Comparative Religion

    The sovereign host: China, ritual, theory

    Dr Adam Yuet Chau, Cambridge, will deliver the Wilde Lectures at 5pm on Tuesdays in the Examination Schools – titles now confirmed.

    12 Feb: 'Hosting gods, ghosts and ancestors: a Chinese theory of ritual action'

    19 Feb: 'Household sovereignty and religious subjectification: China and the Christian west compared'

    26 Feb: 'Actants amassing (AA): hosting hungry ghosts with giant pigs and dancing girls'

    5 Mar: 'Household sovereignty usurped: the Kangxi Emperor hosts an offering ritual'

    Bampton Lectures

    Imagining life: Christ and the human condition

    Michael Banner, Dean and Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, will deliver the Bampton Lectures at 5pm on Thursdays in the University Church of St Mary the Virgin – titles now confirmed.

    21 Feb: 'Moral theology, moral philosophy, social anthropology and the state we are in: on the need for an everyday ethics'

    28 Feb: 'Conceiving conception: on IVF, virgin births and the troubling of kinship'

    7 Mar: 'Being born and being born again: on having and not having children'

    Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

    Department of Earth Sciences

    Oxford Hazards Forum

    Tsend Ayush Munkhjargal, United Nations Disaster Mitigation Programme, Mongolia; Kathryn Milliken, World Food Programme; and Arabella Fraser, LSE, will give a seminar at 12.30pm on 7 February in Seminar Room 2, Department of Earth Sciences. To register for the free lunch contact: jacqueline.ratner@earth.ox.ac.uk or troy.sternberg@geog.ox.ac.uk.

    Subject: 'The role of international agencies in mitigating disaster'

    Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory

    Soft matter, Biomaterials and Interfaces seminars

    The following seminar is an addition to the series, with lectures given at 4pm on Tuesdays in the John Rowlinson Seminar Room (PTCL). All welcome. Conveners:  Dr R P A Dullens and Professor J Yeomans

    Dr Susan Perkin

    12 Feb: 'Colloidal forces and friction across films of electrolytes and ionic liquids'         

    Institutes, Centres and Museums

    Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

    Graduate Colloquium

    The following students will be delivering short presentations of their research at 5.15pm on 7 February at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, George Street. Numbers are limited, therefore students and scholars wishing to attend are asked to register by emailing academic.administrator@oxcis.ac.uk. Convener: Dr M Talib

    Shireen Walton, St Antony's: 'The Middle East and contemporary photographic "self-representation": paradigms, politics and paradoxes'

    Konstantina Isidoros, St Peter's: 'Anthropological fieldwork in the western Sahara desert'

    Jose Jowel Canuday, St Antony's: 'Embodied cosmopolitanism in Muslim Mindanao'

    Anam Baig, Jesus: tbc

    Carolyn Hou, St Antony's: 'Maidens, madrasas and morals in modern China: the social education of the Hui in women's only mosques'

    Syed Azimul Islam, Green Templeton: tbc

    Tabasum Wolayat, St Antony's: 'Kirghiz of Afghan Pamir'

    Farania Rangkuti, St John's: tbc

    Foundation for Law, Justice and Society/Centre for Socio-legal Studies

    Regulation, Regulators and the Crisis of Law and Government series

    Max Watson, formerly Bank of England and IMF, and Dr Chris Decker, Regulatory Policy Institute and Centre for Socio-legal Studies, will give the following seminar 11am–5pm on 1 March at Wolfson. Full details and registration at: www.fljs.org/regulation-1March.

    Subject: 'New questions in regulation'

    Dr Bettina Lange and Dr Mark Shepheard, McGill, will give the following seminar 9.30am–5pm on 19 March at Wolfson. Full details and registration at: www.fljs.org/water-19March.

    Subject: 'Economic rights and regulatory regimes: is there still a "right" to water?'