Colleges, Halls and Societies

  • Thursday 27 September 2012
  • NO. 4999
  • VOL. 143

Memorial Events


A memorial meeting in honour of Ian Little (died 13 July 2012), Official Fellow, Professorial Fellow in Economics 1952–75, Emeritus Fellow 1975–2012, will be held at 2.30 pm on Saturday, 13 October at Nuffield, followed by a reception. Friends and colleagues are welcome to attend; if you wish to do so, please contact Catherine McNeill (Oxford 278527; for further information.


A memorial service will be held at 3 pm on Sunday, 7 October for Professor Siegbert Salomon Prawer, 1925–2012; Taylor Professor of German and Fellow of Queen's 1969–86; Honorary Fellow of Queen's. The service will be held in the Shulman Auditorium, Queen's, and refreshments will be served in Hall after the service.

St Peter's

A memorial service will be held at 2.30 pm on Sunday, 14 October for The Revd Christopher Mark Jones (1954–2012), MPhil Camb, MA Dip Theol Oxf, Exhibitioner 1972–5, graduate student 1975–7, Chaplain and Tutor in Theology 1993–2004, St Augustine Fellow 1993–8, Supernumerary Fellow 1993–2000, Official Fellow 2000–4, Senior Research Fellow 2004. The service will be held in St Peter's Chapel. Refreshments will be served in Hall following the service.


All Souls

Visiting Fellows 2012–13

Bauer, Professor Brigitte, Texas. Aspects of grammaticalisation in the development of Latin to Romance. Hilary.

Chapman, Professor Bruce, Toronto. Pluralism, proportionality and process. Hilary, Trinity.

Gallanis, Professor Thomas, Iowa. Two projects in the legal history of eighteenth-century England. Michaelmas, Hilary, Trinity.

Gillespie, Dr Stuart, Glasgow. The culture of English literary translation 1650–1750. Michaelmas.

Hupe, Professor Peter, Erasmus. Discretion and performance in public service. Michaelmas.

King, Professor Anthony, Exeter. Combat, cohesion and gender: the elementary forms of military life. Michaelmas, Hilary, Trinity.

Lazzarini, Dr Isabella, Università degli Studi del Molise. Between violence and communication: Italian diplomacy in the Renaissance (1350–1520). Michaelmas.

Lemire, Professor Beverly, Alberta. The making of a fashion economy in the British Atlantic world: fashion actors, innovators and networks in an era of global trade, c1600–1800. Hilary.

Levene, Professor David, New York. Livy: the fragments; and Periochae: text and commentary. Hilary.

Liberman, Professor Gauthier, Bordeaux 3. Preparation of a new edition of Thucydides for Oxford Classical Texts. Trinity.

Nevins, Dr Thomas, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Braid groups and the algebraic geometry of D-modules. Trinity.

Nuovo, Professor Angela, Udine. Privileges granted for law books printed in Venice and Lyons, c1530–1600. Michaelmas.

Schwartz, Professor Richard, Brown. Geometry and low complexity dynamics. Michaelmas, Hilary, Trinity.

Shami, Professor Jeanne, Regina. The Oxford John Donne Letters Project: the vocation letters, women and sermons in early modern England 1517–1688. Michaelmas, Hilary.

Solar, Professor Peter, Vesalius. Joined at the hip: Ireland and Britain during the Industrial Revolution. Trinity.

Tadié, Professor Alexis, Paris-Sorbonne. Creation and disputation: quarrels, cases and controversies in early modern France and England. Michaelmas, Hilary, Trinity.

Wolinsky, Professor Steven, Northwestern Medical School. Innate immunity and the evolution of HIV. Trinity.

Wright, Professor Peter, Nottingham. The Aosta Codex: an early fifteenth-century source of sacred polyphony. Michaelmas.



To an Honorary Fellowship from 1 October 2012

Professor Alan Grafen, MA DPhil Oxf, FRS

To a Professorial Fellowship from 1 July 2012

Mr Paul Goffin, BSc De Mont, MSc Bath

To a Hugh Price Fellowship from 23 April 2012

Miss Christine Fairchild, BA Connecticut College

To a Glasstone Junior Research Fellowship in Chemistry from 3 November 2011

Dr Kirsten Christensen, Lic PhD Stockholm, MSc Århus

To a Junior Research Fellowship in History from 1 January 2012

Dr Teresa Tomás Rangil, BA École Normale Supérieure de Cachan, BA Paris V, MPhil Paris I, PhD Economix-Cachan

To a Junior Research Fellowship in Geography from 1 October 2012

Dr Christine Lane, BSc Card, MSc Royal Holloway, DPhil Oxf

To a Junior Research Fellowship in Economics from 1 October 2012

Ms Marta Troya Martinez, BA Pompeu Fabra, MPhil Oxf, MSc Toulouse School of Economics

To a Junior Research Fellowship in Celtic from 1 October 2012

Dr Ali Bonner, BA MPhil PhD Camb, BA Oxf

To a Junior Research Fellow in History from 1 October 2012

Dr Aaron Graham, BA MSt DPhil Oxf

To a Junior Research Fellow in Music from 1 October 2012

Dr Ruth Herbert, BMus MA Card, PhD Sheff

To a Visiting Senior Research Fellowship 2012–13

Professor Priyanga Amarasekare, BSc Colombo, Sri Lanka, MSc Hawaii, PhD California at Irvine

To the Welsh Supernumerary Fellowship for 2012–13

Professor Medwin Hughes, FRSA, BA Aberystwyth, DPhil Oxf


Fellow and Tutor in Law

Yowell, Paul Wayne, MA DPhil Oxf