• Thursday 27 June 2013
  • NO. 5031
  • VOL. 143

Consultative notices

Medical Sciences Division/Education Committee

Review of the Nuffield Department of Medicine and the Radcliffe Department of Medicine

The Medical Sciences Board is undertaking a review of the Nuffield Department of Medicine and the Radcliffe Department of Medicine jointly with the Education Committee of Council as part of a programme of rolling reviews under joint aegis. The review will take place on 5 and 6 September and will be chaired by the Head of Division, Professor Alastair Buchan. A copy of the terms of reference for the review is set out below.

Terms of Reference of the Review Committee

1 To review the quality of academic activities in each department, by reference to:

  • international standards of excellence
  • action taken since the last review of each department or of its constituent departments
  • planning statements at department and divisional level, and in the context of the University's Mission Statement and Strategic Plan.

In particular:

(a) the quality of the research of each department, including their participation in inter-departmental, inter-divisional and inter-disciplinary activities, their research profile and strategy, and future challenges and opportunities;

(b) the quality of graduate programmes and their delivery and related issues, including:

  • access and admissions
  • curriculum design and programme structure
  • teaching, learning and assessment
  • the relationship between teaching and research
  • academic and pastoral support and guidance
  • the provision and use of learning resources (including staff resources)
  • specific arrangements for the pursuit of graduate studies (including research degrees and research training and provision for part-time study)
  • relationships with colleges
  • quality assurance mechanisms;

(c) the organisation of each department, their management structures and the relationship between each department and the division and the University's services, including such matters as:

  • strategic planning (including relationship to the divisional five-year plans and the University's Strategic Plan)
  • academic and non-academic staff planning and recruitment
  • student number planning
  • terms of appointment for academic staff, including career development and equal opportunities issues
  • accommodation and future space needs
  • fundraising
  • any other matters in which any of the services within Academic Administration Division are involved;

(d) the relationship (structural and operational) between units within each department, and between each department and cognate subject areas and colleges to which they are linked in teaching and research.

2 To consider the current and long-term financial position of, and funding arrangements for, each department, and their financial strategy.

The review committee would welcome written comments on matters falling within its terms of reference. These should be sent to Jane Dale, Senior Assistant Registrar (Education), Medical Sciences Division (email:, by 1 August.

General notices

The possible wider use of the title of professor, and merit pay for academics

The Personnel Committee and Council are grateful to all those who submitted responses in the recent consultative exercise on these issues, which had a deadline of 22 April.

A wide range of divergent views were expressed, and the majority of the responses, including the majority of the 159 responses received from individuals, were broadly supportive of the outline proposals. Council has agreed to put before Congregation in Michaelmas term resolutions proposing a new system for merit pay for academics and proposing that the main lecturer grades be retitled associate professor.

The original consultation document may be found at, and the responses (where the authors so agreed) will be published on the same website shortly. The resolutions and supporting material, which will set out versions of the original proposals refined to reflect some useful revisions proposed by respondents, will now be prepared and will be published in the Gazette at the beginning of Michaelmas term.

Gazette publication arrangements

The final Gazettes of Trinity term will be published on 4 and 18 July.

The first Gazette of Michaelmas term will be published on 26 September, but will be limited to Council and Congregation business and changes to Examination Regulations. The first full Gazette of next term will be published on 3 October.


Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

Wood Professorship of Forest Science

John MacKay, BSc MSc Laval, PhD North Carolina State, Professor of Forest Sciences, Department of Wood and Forest Sciences, Université Laval, Québec, has been appointed to the Wood Professorship of Forest Science in the Department of Plant Sciences with effect from 1 October 2013.

Professor MacKay will be a fellow of Linacre.

Social Sciences

Dr Maya Tudor, BA Stanford, MA PhD Princeton, Fellow of St Hilda's. University Lecturer in Government and Public Policy. From 1 April 2013 to 31 March 2018.

Musical and other Events

St Stephen's House

The following events take place at SJE Arts, S John the Evangelist, 109A Iffley Road. See:

7.30pm, 26 Jul: Tom Russell. Tickets: £16 in advance from or £18 on the door.

7.30pm, Sat, 27 Jul: Adderbury Ensemble Summer Festival: Mozart and Schumann. Tickets £15 (£5 students/under 16s) from or on the door.

7pm, 30 Jul: Mike Heron (Incredible String Band) and Trembling Bells – The Circle is Unbroken. Tickets: £12 in advance from or £14 on the door.