• Thursday 25 October 2012
    • NO. 5003
    • VOL. 143


    Sub-Faculty of Italian/European Humanities Research Centre

    Jewish Writers and the Italian Novel

    Change of date:

    Please note that Dr Elkann's lecture scheduled for 1 November will be postponed until 8 November at 5 pm in Room 10b, Taylor Institution.

    Subject: 'Giorgio Bassani, Gli occhiali d'oro (The Gold-Rimmed Spectacles)'

    Faculty of Philosophy

    Oxford Forum Provocation

    Professor Gavin Flood will give an Oxford Forum Provocations talk at 2 pm on 2 November in the Lecture Room, Radcliffe Humanities, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter. Information: Dr Roxana Baiasu: roxana.baiasu@philosophy.ox.ac.uk or Forum Coordinator, Dr Juliana Cardinale: 020 7955 7539, j.cardinale@lse.ac.uk.

    Subject: 'Husserl's Meditations and the phenomenology of religion'

    Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

    Department of Chemistry

    Organic Chemistry Departmental Research Seminar

    The following seminars will be given at 4 pm on Thursdays in the Dyson Perrins Lecture Theatre. Convener: Dr S Conway

    Professor David Proctor, Manchester

    1 Nov: 'From metal-free couplings to radical cascade cyclisations: new methods for target synthesis'

    Professor Peter Ogilby, Aahus

    8 Nov: 'Singlet oxygen today: from mammalian cells and two-photon processes to gold nanoparticles'

    Professor Christian Bochet, Fribourg

    15 Nov: 'Selective photochemistry: playing with colours, spins and isotopes'

    Professor Andrew Smith, St Andrews

    22 Nov: to be confirmed

    Professor Tom Simpson, Bristol

    29 Nov: 'Biosynthesis of polyketide and non-polyketide fungal metabolites – tales of the ancient and unexpected!'

    Dr Jason Witherington, GlaxoSmithKline

    13 Dec: to be confirmed

    Department of Earth Sciences

    The following seminars will be given at 4 pm on Fridays in the Lecture Theatre, Earth Sciences.

    Professor Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Iceland

    26 Oct: to be confirmed

    Dr Nigel Hughes, California at Riverside

    2 Nov: 'Life and times in the Cambrian and its stratigraphic constraints on Himalayan geology, tectonics and uplift history'

    Dr Tina van De Flierdt, Imperial

    9 Nov: 'Drilling back in the future? Pliocene stability of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet'

    Dr Nicolas Brantut, UCL

    16 Nov: 'Damage and earthquake dynamics across the brittle-ductile transition and a dehydration reaction: experimental results'

    Dr Bjarte Hannisdal, Bergen

    23 Nov: 'Detecting Earth systems interactions in deep time'

    Dr Nicola D'Agostino, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia

    30 Nov: 'Spatio-temporal distribution of tectonic strain accumulation and release from decadal geodetic rates and 400 years of historical seismicity'

    Medical Sciences

    Richard Doll Centenary MeetingRichardDoll

    A meeting of epidemiologists on the varying hazards in different prospective studies of smoking will be held from 9 am on 29 October until 1 pm on 31 October in the Lecture Theatre, Richard Doll Building. Lunch will provided at 1 pm on 31 October. For further details, please see www.ox.ac.uk/gazette/richard_doll_centenary_meeting.

    Speakers: Monday: Richard Peto, Kirstin Pirie, Sun Ha Jee, Ritsu Sakata, Emily Banks, Rachel Huxley, Steve MacMahon, Salim Yusuf, Vendhan Gajalakshmi, Prabhat Jha, Mangesh Pednekar, K T Shenoy, Judith Mackay; Tuesday: Richard Peto, Tai-Hing Lam, Zhengming Chen, Dan Xiao, David Zaridze, Freddy Sitas, Fatma Hassan, Raghib Ali, Mike Thun, Frank Speizer, Walt Willett, Alfredo Dueñas, Pablo Kuri, Loic Le Marchand, Samira Asma; Wednesday: Charlie Hennekens, Sarah Lewington, Pablo Kuri, Elio Riboli, Amy Ming-Fang Yen, Zhengming Chen, Rory Collins, Richard Peto.

    Subject: 'The hazards of prolonged smoking in various different populations, and the age-specific benefits of stopping'

    Sir Richard Doll Seminars in Public Health and Epidemiology

    The following seminars will be given at 1 pm, unless otherwise noted, on Tuesdays in the Lecture Theatre, Richard Doll Building, Old Road Campus. All welcome; see www.ceu.ox.ac.uk/seminars for further information and updates. Conveners: Dr D Canoy and Dr F Bragg

    Professor Simon Wessely, KCL

    6 Nov: 'Time bombs and tidal waves: what have been the consequences of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on the health and well-being of UK service personnel?'

    Dr Mark Pearce, Newcastle

    1.15 pm, 7 Nov: 'Cancer risks following CT scans in childhood or early adulthood' (in association with the Royal Statistical Society Oxford Group)

    Dr Robin Walters

    13 Nov: 'Analysis of copy number variation: perils, pitfalls and prospects'

    Professor Harry Shannon, McMaster

    20 Nov: 'Understanding the determinants of healthy ageing: the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging'

    Professor Lelia Duley, Nottingham

    27 Nov: 'Improving outcome following very preterm birth: from parents' experiences to randomised trials'

    Institutes, Centres and Museums

    Christ Church Picture Gallery

    Patron's Lecture

    Jonathan Marsden, Director, Royal Collection, and Surveyor of the Queen's Works of Art, will lecture at 6.15 pm on 8 November in the Blue Boar Lecture Theatre, Christ Church.

    Subject: 'The royal collection on show: fifty years of the Queen's Gallery'

    Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

    Impact of Population Change

    The following seminars will be given at 12.30 pm on Thursdays in the Seminar Room, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, 66 Banbury Road. Convener: Professor Sarah Harper

    Dr Laurel Edmunds

    25 Oct: 'Obesity and ageing'

    Burcu Ozdemir

    1 Nov: 'Intergenerational functional solidarity between adult children and their parents in Turkey'

    Dr Joanna Collicutt

    8 Nov: 'Living in the end times: report on a short course on end of life issues for older people in an English parish church setting'

    Professor Norbert Meiners, Vechta-Diepholz-Oldenburg, Germany

    15 Nov: 'The economics of ageing: marketing in the ageing society'

    Philip Kao, St Andrew's

    22 Nov: 'Regimes of care: a few notes on the play of emotions and intimacy'

    Laurel Hixon

    29 Nov: 'Understanding the adoption of integrated aged care service structures: the case of New South Wales'


    The following seminars will be given at 3 pm on Wednesdays in the Seminar Room, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, 66 Banbury Road. Convener: Kenneth Howse

    Brian Beach        

    31 Oct: 'Employability and older workers in England'

    Daniel Menchik, Chicago

    14 Nov: to be confirmed

    Professor Nilufer Korkmaz, Akdeniz, Turkey

    21 Nov: 'Using social, care and health services of first-generation Turkish migrants in London'

    Dr Maria Porter

    28 Nov: 'Understanding giving behaviour towards parents in an experimental laboratory setting'    

    Colleges, Halls and Societies


    Leonard Stein Lectures 2012

    The 'Arab Spring' and the world: reflections on recent events in the Middle East

    Mr Edward Mortimer, Honorary Fellow of Balliol and quondam Fellow of All Souls, will deliver the following lectures at 5 pm in Lecture Room XXIII, Balliol. For more information, see: www.balliol.ox.ac.uk/events/2012/november/15/leonard-stein-lectures-2012.

    15 Nov: 'The liberal dream: are "universal values" universal, after all?'

    19 Nov: 'The sectarian nightmare'

    22 Nov: 'What role for outsiders?'

    Oliver Smithies Lecture

    Christine Borgman, Visiting Fellow and Oliver Smithies Lecturer, Balliol, and Professor and Presidential Chair in Information Studies, UCLA, will deliver the following lecture at 5 pm on 28 November in Lecture Room XXIII, Balliol. For more information, see: www.balliol.ox.ac.uk/christine-borgman.

    Subject: 'Digital scholarship: three decades in internet time'


    Advanced Studies Centre

    Medieval and Renaissance Cluster Lecture Series 2012–13

    The following lectures will commence at 5 pm in the Pusey Room, Keble. Convener: Dr T Sowerby

    Dr Richard Ashdowne

    26 Oct: 'The making of a dictionary of medieval Latin'

    Professor Andrew Pettegree, St Andrews

    21 Nov: 'Tabloid values. On the trail of Europe's first newshound'

    St Antony's

    European Studies Centre Annual Lecture

    Dr Wolfgang Schäuble, German Federal Minister of Finance, will deliver the ESC Annual Lecture at 5 pm on 29 October in the Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony's. Chair: Lord Patten

    Subject:  'Europe – still a common vision?'


    Law, Justice and Society at Wolfson/Centre for Socio-legal Studies Lecture

    Professor Richard Sorabji, Honorary Fellow, will lecture at 5.30 pm on 5 November in the Haldane Room, Wolfson. Free. To register: www.fljs.org/events.

    Subject: 'Moral conscience through the ages in relation to law, justice and society'