Examinations and Boards

  • Thursday 20 September 2012
  • NO. 4998
  • VOL. 143

Changes to Examination Regulations

For the complete text of each regulation listed below and a listing of all changes to regulations for this year to date, please see www.ox.ac.uk/gazette/examinationregulations.

Humanities Board

20-09-12 Honour School of English Language and Literature (54kb)

to replace Honour Moderations in Classics and English by Preliminary Examinations

20-09-12 Honour School of Modern Languages [corrigendum] (17kb)

corrigendum: date of effect is 1 October 2013 for first examination in 2014

20-09-12 Final Honour School of Music [corrigendum] (18kb)

corrigendum: date of effect is 1 October 2012 for first examination in 2013

Social Sciences Board

20-09-12 DPhil in Classical Archaeology and Archaeological Science (15kb)

 clarification that regulations for DPhil Archaeology apply equally to Archaeological Science and Classical Archaeology

20-09-12 MPhil in Material Anthropology and Museum Ethnography (15kb)

withdrawal of programme

20-09-12 MPhil in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology (25kb)

new programme

20-09-12 MSc in African Studies (14kb)

reduction in word length of Methodology, Ethics and Research Strategies essay

20-09-12 MSc in Education and Educational Research Methodology (22kb)

change to submission deadline

20-09-12 MSc in Visual Anthropology (13kb)

change to dissertation deadline

20-09-12 MSc in Visual, Material and Museum Anthropology (39kb)

 removal of Visual Anthropology/Material Anthropology/Museum Ethnography variants and replacement by a single programme

20-09-12 Bachelor of Civil Law and Magister Juris (19kb)

to reflect the full list of existing courses

20-09-12 Final Honour School of Jurisprudence (20kb)

change in assessment method for the Jurisprudence paper

20-09-12 Diploma in Legal Studies (14kb)

change of course title