• Thursday 20 June 2013
    • NO. 5030
    • VOL. 143

    Social Sciences

    School of Geography and the Environment

    Professor Xavier Labandeira will lecture at 4pm on 24 June in the School of Geography and the Environment.

    Subject: 'Constraints for energy taxation in Spain'

    Foundation for Law, Justice and Society/Wolfson/Centre for Socio-Legal Studies

    Film Screening and Q&A

    A screening of the documentary The Law in these Parts, which focuses on the justice of the legal system in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, will be held at 5.30pm on 26 June in the Leonard Wolfson Auditorium, Wolfson. To register: www.fljs.org/events.

    Other Groups

    Magdalen College School

    MSC Arts Festival

    The following lectures will take place at 5–6pm at Magdalen College School. Tickets: £3 from www.ticketsoxford.com.

    Sir Hew Strachan

    1 Jul: 'Commemorating WWI'

    Dr James Foadi

    2 Jul: 'The Diamond Light Source synchrotron facility'