• Thursday 1 November 2012
    • NO. 5004
    • VOL. 143


    Faculty of History

    Oxford Centre for Global History and Cantemir Institute Workshop

    Dr Berny Sèbe, Birmingham, Dr Alexander Morrison, Liverpool, Dr Mark Thompson and Dr Robert Fletcher will speak at an afternoon workshop, 2–5 pm on 7 November in the Common Room, History Faculty, Old Boys' High School, George St.  All welcome.  Email global@history.ox.ac.uk to register interest.  Conveners: Professor James Belich, Dr John Darwin, Dr Rob Fletcher

    Subject:  'Deserts, steppes and inner spaces in global history'

    Faculty of Philosophy

    2012 Annual Uehiro Lectures

    Sex in a shifting landscape

    Professor Janet Radcliffe Richards will deliver the Annual Uehiro Lectures at 5 pm on the following days at the T S Eliot Theatre, Merton.

    14 Nov: Lecture 1

    21 Nov: Lecture 2

    28 Nov: Lecture 3

    Oxford Forum Provocation

    Professor Gavin Flood will give an Oxford Forum Provocations talk at 2 pm on 2 November in the Lecture Room, Radcliffe Humanities, Radcliffe Observatory Quarter. Information: Dr Roxana Baiasu (roxana.baiasu@philosophy.ox.ac.uk) or Forum Coordinator, Dr Juliana Cardinale  (020 7955 7539, j.cardinale@lse.ac.uk).

    Subject: 'Husserl's Meditations and the phenomenology of religion'

    Leverhulme Lectures

    Religion and politics

    Professor Tony Coady, Melbourne, will deliver the Leverhulme Lectures at 5.30 pm on the following days at the Oxford Martin School.

    15 Nov: 'Some problems about religion in the political sphere: the dangers of instability and violence'

    22 Nov: 'Reason, religion and public discourse in a liberal democracy'

    29 Nov: 'Religious virtues, democratic virtues and their interaction in practice'

    Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

    Mathematical Institute Colloquium

    Professor Randall J LeVeque, Washington, will deliver the Mathematical Institute Colloquium at 4.30 pm on 9 November in Lecture Theatre 2, Mathematical Institute, St Giles'.

    Subject: 'Numerical methods for tsunami modelling and hazard assessment'

    Department of Physics

    Oxford Physics Colloquia

    The following lectures will be given at 4.15 pm on Fridays in the Martin Wood Lecture Theatre, Clarendon Laboratory.  Tea will be served in the Common Room at 3.45 pm.  Convenors: J March-Russell, R Davies, A Boothroyd, T Palmer

    Professor Carlo Beenakker, Leiden

    9 Nov: 'Search for Majorana fermions in superconductors'

    Professor Sir Roger Penrose

    23 Nov: 'Are we seeing signals from before the Big Bang?

    Professor Frank Close

    30 Nov:  'The infinity puzzle – from QED and Higgs's boson to the LHC' (working title)

    Institutes, Centres and Museums

    Ashmolean Museum

    William Cohn Memorial Lecture

    Dr Christiaan J A Jörg, former Keeper of Oriental Export Art, Groningen Museum, and Professor Emeritus in East–West Interactions, Leiden, will deliver the 43rd William Cohn Memorial Lecture at 5 pm on 20 November in the Headley Lecture Theatre, Ashmolean Museum.

    Subject: 'Visual sources of an exotic country: the image of pre-Meiji Japan in the west'