Council and Main Committees

  • Thursday 1 November 2012
  • NO. 5004
  • VOL. 143

Congregation29 October

Degree by Resolution

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Council of the University

Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Castro, M, IT Services

Cohen, S N, Mathematical Institute

Curren, L C, Trinity

Durkin, P N R, Trinity

Fox, R A, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Gomes, A D, Trinity

Greig, P R, Pembroke

Lomas, O C, Exeter

Mahoney, R H, Medical Sciences Divisional Office

Messenger, G, Queen's

Price, E, Lady Margaret Hall

Salamone, C, Queen's

van Bergen, E, Oriel

Wragge-Morley, A I, Somerville