Colleges, Halls and Societies

  • Thursday 18 October 2012
  • NO. 5002
  • VOL. 143


Lady Margaret Hall

Pamela Currie, 1 September 2012; MA, Fellow and Tutor in German 1966–2000, Emeritus Fellow 2000–12. Aged 71.


The Revd Arthur John Franklyn Dulley, 17 August 2012; Postmaster 1950. Aged 80.

St Hilda's

Christine Joy Laing (née Canaway), 8 June 2012; 1955. Aged 75.

Margaret Ellen Joyce Weldhen, 11 September 2012; Exhibitioner 1945. Aged 87.

St Hugh's

Dr Andrzej Duralski, October 2012; 1987. Aged 50.


Lady Margaret Hall

To Official Fellowships

Dr Aziz Aboobaker, MA Camb, PhD Edin, Genetics (from 1 October 2012)

Dr Brian Bell, BA Newc, MPhil DPhil Oxf, Economics (from 1 October 2012)

Dr Amin Benaissa, BA Yale, MSt DPhil Oxf, Classics (from 1 September 2012)

Dr Philip Biggin, BSc Sur, DPhil Oxf, Biochemistry (from 1 March 2012)

Dr Gianluca Gregori, MS Bologna, MS PhD Minnesota, Physics (from 1 October 2012)

Dr Sophie Ratcliffe, MA Camb, MPhil DPhil Oxf, English (from 1 October 2012)

To a Professorial Fellowship

Professor Robert Stevens, BCL MA Oxf, Herbert Smith Professor of English Private Law (from 1 August 2012)

To a Supernumerary Fellowship

Dr Elizabeth Price, MA RCA, PhD Leeds, Fine Art (from 1 October 2012)

To Research Fellowships

Dr Kirsten McConnachie, LLB Glas, LLM Nott, PhD Belf, Joyce Pearce Junior Research Fellow in Development Studies (for 3 years from 1 September 2012)

Ms Emily Paddon, BA Brown, MPhil Oxf, Rose Junior Research Fellow in International Relations (for 2 years from 1 September 2012)