• Thursday 17 January 2013
    • NO. 5011
    • VOL. 143


    Faculty of English Language and Literature

    Medieval Research seminars

    The following seminars will be given at 5.15pm on Wednesdays in the History of the Book Room, St Cross Building. Conveners: Dr Helen Barr, Professor Daniel Wakelin

    Professor Dallas Denery, Bowdoin

    16 Jan: 'Rhetoric, skepticism and the disunity of the middle of ages'

    Dr Jenni Nuttall

    24 Jan: 'Father Chaucer's local origins: the invention of vernacular authority in the reign of Henry IV'

    Professor Amy Appleford, Boston

    30 Jan: 'Ars moriendi: the care of the self in fifteenth-century London'

    Dr Nicola McDonald, York

    6 Feb: tbc

    Professor Susan Irvine, UCL

    13 Feb: 'Highly strung: Ælfric's saints on the Hengen'

    Professor Julia Crick, KCL

    20 Feb: 'The shock of the old: archaising script in Anglo-Saxon archives'

    Professor Nicholas Watson, Harvard

    27 Feb: ' “Multi vocati pauci vero electi”: affective spirituality revisited'

    Professor David Wallace, Pennsylvania

    6 Mar: 'Europe: a literary history, 1348–1418'

    Twentieth and Twenty-First Century seminars

    The following seminars will be given at 5.15pm on Wednesdays in the Senior Common Room, English Faculty. Conveners: Professor Laura Marcus, Professor Ron Bush

    Dr David James, QMUL

    30 Jan: 'Encountering the crystalline novel: from Iris Murdoch to the millennium'

    Professor Sara Danius, Södertörn

    6 Feb: 'Proust's modernity; or, the unknown origins of Benjamin's theory of visual media'

    Dr Richard Brown, Leeds  

    20 Feb: 'James Joyce: the end of literature and the scene of modernity'

    Drama and Performance seminars

    The following seminars will be given at 5.15pm on Wednesdays in Seminar Room A, St Cross Building. Conveners: Sophie Duncan, Dr Sos Eltis, Professor Laurie Maguire, Dr Kirsten Shepherd-Barr, Professor Tiffany Stern

    Dr Bart Van Es and Professor Tiffany Stern

    6 Feb: 'Shakespeare versus Blackfriars' (Dr van Es) and 'The second Blackfriars playhouse as a place of nostalgia' (Professor Stern)

    Professor Holger Syme, Toronto

    20 Feb: 'Nothing can come of nothing: theatre history and the illusion of knowledge'

    American Literature research seminars

    The following seminars will be given at 4pm in the Lecture Room, Rothermere American Institute, unless otherwise noted. Conveners: Dr Michèle Mendelssohn, Dr Lloyd Pratt

    Dr Peter Riley

    17 Jan: 'Moonlighting modernity: Whitman and Melville at work'

    Professor Elizabeth Dillon, Northeastern

    21 Feb: 'In common/enclosure'

    Professor Nancy Bentley, Pennsylvania, Dr Lloyd Pratt, Professor Caleb Smith, Yale, Dr Emily Ogden, Columbia

    2pm, 22 Feb: 'Enchanted criticism: a roundtable'

    Victorian Literature graduate seminar

    The following seminars will be given at 5.15pm on Mondays in the History of the Book Room, St Cross Building. Conveners: Dr Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, Dr Stefano-Maria Evangelista

    Dr Jane Thomas, Hull

    21 Jan: 'Hardy and Whistler: impressions and arguments'

    Dr Muireann O'Cinneide, NUI Galway

    4 Feb: 'Marriage, mutiny and murder: jostling for authority in British women's accounts of the Indian uprising, 1857–8'

    Dr Richard Hayes, Cambridge  

    18 Feb: 'At home, 16 Tite Street'

    Naomi Wolf

    4 Mar: 'Ecstasy or justice: censorship, sex crime law and the evolution of Victorian sexual discourses'

    Postcolonial Writing and Theory seminar

    Dr Vijay Mishra, Murdoch, Australia, will give a seminar as part of the Postcolonial Writing and Theory seminar series (in addition to the seminars already advertised) at 5.15pm on 29 January in Seminar Room A, English Faculty, St Cross Building. Conveners: Professor Elleke Boehmer, Dr Ankhi Mukherjee

    Subject: 'A biografiend in the Salman Rushdie archive'

    Faculty of History

    Oxford Architectural History seminar

    The following seminars will be given at 5.30pm in the Lecture Room of Lincoln's Turl Street rooms (formerly the Turl Bar, entrance on Turl Street).

    Cathy Oakes

    28 Jan: 'Romanesque architectural sculpture in the Abruzzi'

    Helena Chance, Buckinghamshire New

    4 Mar: ' "The Factory in a Garden".  Space, place and power in the industrial landscape in Britain and the USA, 1880–1939'

    Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics/Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages

    Romance Linguistics Seminar

    The following seminars will take place on Thursdays at 5pm in the Taylor Institution. Convener: Professor Martin Maiden

    Dr Tom Rainsford

    24 Jan: 'The reanalyses of enclisis in medieval French and Occitan'

    Ana Todea

    7 Feb: 'Accounting for the functions of the imperfect and the preterite in Romance'

    Dr Marina Massaguer Comes

    21 Feb: 'The use and the role of the Catalan language in the gypsy community of the old quarter of Tarragona'

    Professor Brigitte Bauer, Texas

    28 Feb: 'Grammaticalisation processes in Latin/Romance and linguistic data'

    Professor Ingmar Söhrman, Göteborgs

    7 Mar: 'On the Romance pluperfect'

    Faculty of Oriental Studies

    Institute for Chinese Studies

    Workshop on Manuscript and Text Culture lecture

    Professor Martin Kern, Princeton, will deliver the HT13 paper for the interdisciplinary Workshop on Manuscript and Text Culture (WMTC) at 6pm on 30 January at the Memorial Room, Queen's. Please contact wmtc@queens.ox.ac.uk to confirm your attendance of the workshop.

    Subject: 'The "Jinteng" chapter of the Shangshu and its newly discovered manuscript version from c300 BCE: comparison and methodological considerations'

    Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

    Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory

    Soft Matter, Biomaterials and Interfaces seminars

    The following seminars will be given on Tuesdays at 4pm in the John Rowlinson Seminar Room (PTCL). All welcome. Conveners: Dr R P A Dullens, Professor J Yeomans

    Professor Bob Cohen, MIT

    22 Jan: 'Hysteric wetting phenomena: characterisation and applications'

    Professor George Jackson, Imperial

    5 Feb: 'Defining the pressure and interfacial tension in inhomogeneous systems: the devil is in the virial'

    Professor Stefan Egelhaaf, Düsseldorf

    19 Feb: 'Colloidal suspensions in external fields'

    Dr Urs Gasser, Switzerland

    5 Mar: 'Form factor of pNIPAM microgels in overpacked states'

    Theoretical Chemistry Group Seminars

    The following seminars will be given on Mondays at 4.45pm in the John Rowlinson Seminar Room (PTCL). All welcome. Convener:  Dr M Wilson

    Professor Stuart Althorpe, Cambridge

    4 Feb: 'Is there a fully quantum generalisation of transition-state theory?'

    Professor Jonathan Essex, Southampton

    18 Feb: 'Dual resolution modelling of lipid systems'

    Dr David Tew, Bristol

    25 Feb: tbc

    Dr Paul Tangney, Imperial

    4 Mar: 'Can an approximate local chemical equilibrium exist in a non-equilibrium steady state of a reaction-diffusion process? Implications for models of oxide scale growth'

    Medical Sciences

    Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism


    The following speakers have now been confirmed for this series. Lectures will be given at 1pm on Wednesdays in the Robert Turner Lecture Theatre, OCDEM Building, Churchill Hospital. Convener: Professor Stephen Gough

    Dr David Preiss, Glasgow

    6 Feb: 'Results of the CAMERA study'

     Dr Anders Rosengren, Lund

    13 Feb: 'Combining bioinformatics and islet physiology: SFRP4 identified as a novel link between inflammation and defective insulin secretion'   

    Social Sciences

    Department of Economics

    Professor Oded Galor, Brown, will lecture at 4.30pm on 31 January in the Lecture Theatre, Department of Economics, Manor Road Building.

    Subject: 'The out-of-Africa hypothesis, human genetic diversity and comparative economic development'

    Department of Sociology

    The following seminars will be given at 12.30pm on Mondays in Seminar Room G, Manor Road Building. Convener: Francesco Billari. All welcome

    Dr Robert de Vries

    28 Jan: 'Income inequality and personality: are more equal US states more agreeable?'

    Dr Turkay Nefes

    4 Feb: 'Understanding conspiracy theories sociologically: anti-Semitic rhetoric about dönmes (converts) in Turkey'

    Dr David Pettinicchio

    11 Feb: 'Issue attention and demobilisation: how social movements shape the policy agenda when issues are in decline'

    Associate Professor Ross Macmillan, Bocconi

    18 Feb: tbc

    Assistant Professor Tiziana Nazio, Turin

    25 Feb: 'Changing relationships: the role of cohabitation'

    Professor Mary Daly

    4 Mar: 'Parents or parenters? Towards a critical understanding of the concept of parenting as developed in policy'

    Institutes, Centres and  Museums

    Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies


    Mr Rory Stewart, MP, will lead a seminar at 5pm on 14 February in the Examination Schools.

    Subject: 'Intervention in the Middle East: lessons from Iraq to Libya'

    Colleges, Halls and Societies


    Political Science seminars

    The following seminars will be given at 5pm in the Clay Room, Nuffield. All welcome. Conveners: Geoff Evans, Ray Duch, Steve Fisher, James Tilley, Catherine De Vries

    Professor Mark Franklin

    22 Jan: 'Stimulus, response and turnout variations at a European Parliament election: testing a theory of contextual primacy'

    Dr Maria Grasso

    29 Jan: 'Political values and extra-institutional participation in Western Europe. Evidence from protest surveys, 2009–12'

    Professor Dr Michael Bechtel

    5 Feb: 'Mass support for global climate cooperation'

    Dr Theresa Kuhn

    12 Feb: 'Experiencing European integration. Individual transnationalism and EU support'

    Dr Rosie Campbell

    19 Feb: ' "To the left, to the right": representing conservative women's interests'

    Professor Frederick Solt

    26 Feb: 'Relative power, public opinion and democratic policy responsiveness'

    Dr Robin Harding

    5 Mar: tbc

    St Antony’s

    Russkiy Mir Programme

    Layla Alexander-Garrett, author, will discuss her experience working with Andrei Tarkovsky on the set of his final film, Sacrifice, at 5pm on 30 January in the Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony’s.

    Subject: 'Andrei Tarkovsky, collector of dreams'

    St Edmund Hall

    Philip Geddes Memorial Lecture

    Lord Patten of Barnes, Chair of the BBC Trust and Chancellor of Oxford University, will deliver the Philip Geddes Memorial Lecture at 5pm on 15 February in the Examination Schools.

    Subject: 'Trust and free speech: some reflections'


    Richard Hillary Memorial Lecture

    Anne Enright will give the Richard Hillary Memorial Lecture at 5pm on 5 February in the Gulbenkian Lecture Theatre, St Cross Building. All welcome. Enquiries: ulli.parkinson@trinity.ox.ac.uk.

    Subject: 'Banned books are more fun: becoming a writer in Catholic Ireland'