• Thursday 14 February 2013
    • NO. 5015
    • VOL. 143


    Faculty of History

    Modern British History Seminar

    Professor Tim Bale, QMUL; Dr Matthew Grimley; Dr Robert Saunders; and Florence Sutcliffe Braithwaite, Cambridge, will give the following seminar at 4.30pm on 21 February in the New Seminar Room, St John's.

    Subject: 'Roundtable debate on recent research on Thatcherism'

    Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages

    Francophone Graduate Seminar

    Professor Chris Bongie, Queen's University, Kingston, will give a seminar at 5pm on 1 March in the Summer Common Room, Magdalen. Convener: Dr Toby Garfitt

    Subject: 'Colonial reading, Haitian writing: Baron de Vastey's The Colonial System Unveiled (1814) and the performance of literacy'

    Faculty of Oriental Studies

    Korean Studies

    The following lectures will be given at 5pm in the Oriental Institute. Convener: Dr J B Lewis

    Dr Sunghee Park

    21 Feb, Room 314: 'The way of p'ungnyu (wind flow): musical interactions at private venues in Seoul, from the late-18th to late-19th centuries'

    Dr David Hundt, Deakin

    25 Feb, Lecture Room 2: 'Neo-liberalism and the strengthening of the Korean state'

    Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

    Department of Computer Science

    Hofstetter Kurt will lecture at 4.30pm on 19 February at the Department of Computer Science. See: www.cs.ox.ac.uk/seminars/840.html.

    Subject: 'On the event horizon of Oder'

    Mathematical Institute


    Professor Anand Pillay, Leeds, will deliver the Mathematical Institute Colloquium at 4.30pm on 22 February in Lecture Theatre 1, Mathematical Institute, St Giles'.

    Subject: 'Recent applications of and trends in model theory'

    Social Sciences

    Saïd Business School

    Distinguished Speaker Seminar

    Doug Morris, CEO, Sony Music Entertainment, will deliver a seminar at 5.30pm on 28 February at the Saïd Business School, followed by a drinks reception. To register: http://sbsdougmorris.eventbrite.com.

    Subject: 'From Adele to Zeppelin: managing creativity and change in the music business'

    Faculty of Law

    Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre Invited Speaker Seminar Series

    Dr Matt Fisher, UCL, will deliver a seminar at 5.15pm on 21 February in the Dorfman Room, St Peter's.

    Subject: 'Patents and the development agenda'

    Department of Sociology

    Astor Visiting Lecture

    Professor Sam Bowles, Professor Emeritus, Massachusetts, will deliver the Astor Visiting Lecture at 5pm on 5 March in the Lecture Theatre, Manor Road Building.

    Subject: 'A cooperative species; human reciprocity and its evolution'

    Lunchtime Seminar

    Drew Halfmann, California at Davis, will lecture at 2pm on 28 February in the Lecture Theatre, Manor Road Building.

    Subject: 'Doctors and demonstrators: how political institutions shape abortion law in the United States, Britain and Canada'

    Institutes, Centres and Museums

    Biodiversity Institute


    A conference will be held 12–13 March in the Department of Zoology to celebrate Rachel Carson's Silent Spring and Ruth Harrison's Animal Machines, and to discuss major issues in conservation and animal welfare and the conflicts between them. For information and to register: www.biodiversity.ox.ac.uk/RCRHConference.

    Subject: 'Two women whose books changed science: Rachel Carson and Ruth Harrison 50 years on'

    Museum of the History of Science

    Public lectures

    The following lectures will take place at 7pm in the Museum of the History of Science. For further information, see: www.mhs.ox.ac.uk.

    Dr Leigh Fletcher

    26 Feb: 'Stormy weather: exploring atmospheres in the outer solar system'

    Brain Awareness Week lecture
    Professor Russell Foster

    14 Mar: 'Body clocks, sleep and light'

    Workshops: Brain Awareness Week

    There will be a series of free workshops led by researchers at the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics celebrating Brain Awareness Week and accompanying the exhibition 'Revealing the Brain' at the Museum of the History of Science. Workshops will take place in the museum at 12–5pm on 12 and 13 March, 10am–5pm on 16 March and 2–5pm on 17 March.

    Subject: 'Sleep and the brain'

    Colleges, Halls and Societies

    All Souls

    Neill Lecture

    Lord Hoffmann of Chedworth, Brick Court Chambers, London, will deliver the 2013 Neill Lecture at 5pm on 1 March in the Examination Schools.

    Subject: 'The separation of powers: shadow and substance'

    St Antony's

    North American Studies Seminar Series

    Hector Mackenzie, Senior Departmental Historian, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada, will lecture at 5pm on 21 February in the Fellow's Dining Room, Hilda Besse Building, St Antony's.

    Subject: 'North American nation: Canada's international relations in the twentieth century'

    St Benet's Hall

    Study day: Love and desire in the Church

    There will be a study day on 27 February at St Benet's Hall and Ertegun House, 37A St Giles. Speakers include: Werner Jeanrond, 'What is "Christian" love?'; Risto Saarinen, Helsinki, 'Love as desire for recognition';  Santha Bhattacharji, 'Mystical love for God in the medieval church'; Jason Lepojärvi, Helsinki, 'Can one love too much? CS Lewis' theology of love'. Cost: £25 (includes refreshments and lunch). To register and for details: enquiries@stb.ox.ac.uk or 01865 280556.

    Other Groups

    Oxfordshire Mind

    Claire Tomalin, biographer, will lecture on behalf of Oxfordshire Mind (www.oxfordshire-mind.org.uk) at 5.30pm on 6 March at the Taylor Institution. Tickets on the door: £5 (£3 concessions).

    Subject: 'Charles Dickens: a life'