Council and Main Committees

  • Thursday 14 February 2013
  • NO. 5015
  • VOL. 143

Congregation11 February

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Council of the University

Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Bhaskaran, H, Wolfson

Burchett, F D, Brasenose

Cheung Salisbury, M, University College

Daniels, H R J, Green Templeton

Hens, K J I, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics

Hewitt, I J, Trinity

John, S A, University College

Keith, M J A, Merton

Kendall, S, Personnel Services

Laird, J J W, St Peter's

Lakhal-Littleton, S, St Hilda’s

Lee, D L, Brasenose

Lockley, P J, Trinity

Masterman, E F, Oxford University Computing Services

Moughton, C B, Equality and Diversity Unit

Ockwell, J E, Student Administration

Rashbrook, O W, Jesus

Divisional and Faculty Boards

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